Monday, October 25, 2010

November Disco Ball and Silent Auction - Sally Sue Christopher

Don't forget that November's Disco Ball event also includes our annual silent auction!   

All proceeds from the auction will benefit the children of Bethel Island.  The funds we raise for YOUTHMAC help fund their water safety day for kids, the Fishing Derby held in November, a Christmas dinner at Scout Hall and Kite Day in the Spring.

We need donations to auction off at the Disco Charity Ball in November.  Past donations have included Marine electronics and labor, fine wines, theme gift baskets, wall art, printers, electric wine openers, hand crafted tables. illuminated frogs, a starter ski set for kids, books, music and even a hair cut.

Please fill out a description of your donation (link to donation sheet). Contact details for pick-up of your item are at the bottom of the donation sheet.  Better yet, bring your donation to the General Meeting on October 30th and talk to Sally Sue Christopher.

Remember this is not a garage sale or flea market.  We would like to raise a $1,000 or more.  Any donation, large or small, will contribute to our goal.  Be sure to pack money in your wallet when you are getting ready for the Disco party.  Hope to see some John Travolta or Bee Gee look a likes…maybe even a Donna Summers!  CIYC ROCKS!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Geocaching - by Diane Schoff

Gary Page and I went for our first attempt at finding some boats in caches near the wonderful anchorage of Hog Island on Saturday. We were unable to row to shore for the first one as the weeds and algae were so thick at times we couldn't move the dinghy at all. After about 20 minutes of struggling to find a way to shore we decided to give up on this particular cache and go for the next closest one. It still took us about 10 minutes to get loose from the algae and weeds. For our next try, we borrowed Phil Calderoni's dinghy which is more comfortable and faster than mine. Had to get out of the dink and get all muddy but the prize was finally claimed and logged.

The next day, Sunday, we added Ted Lyman to our crew and once again borrowed Phil's mighty dink. Our first treasure hunt took us to the rip rap levy across from Windmill Cove. Once again I volunteered to get out and look for the hidden booty. Unfortunately for me, I only had Crocs on and it was not an easy thing to be climbing over rocks in those soft shoes. I spent about 15 minutes scrambling around the rocks with directions from Ted and Gary who were dry and comfy in the dinghy. Why do I keep volunteering? There were about a bazillion hidey holes to stash the cache and I just couldn't find it. We finally gave up and I scrambled back in the dink to move on to the next hide. After passing 'Ski Beach' without incident, although Ted and Gary were getting stiff necks looking at all the hot mammas, we continued up 14mile slough and spotted the cache almost immediately as we were coming close to shore. Didn't even have to get out to make the grab. So after all that, we the Caliente Cachers were 2 for 4 this time out.

The second in a series of CIYC geocache hides has been published. This series will hide caches near to anchorages or docks which CIYC visits. The first was placed at The Point during our cruise out to Rio Vista.  I was hoping one of our geocachers in the Memorial Day raft up would take the initiative and go get a FTF (first to find) by grabbing CIYC 2:Hog Island. I placed the cache on Sunday evening and was out in the dink the next morning taking the pooch to the beach and I spotted two lone kayakers paddling by. Sure enough at 7:00 am in morning they had already paddled and found the cache.

While 4th of July was a bust for us, Gary, Betty, and I managed to grab a couple of caches while anchored out at Mandeville over Labor Day weekend. The three of us jumped in our dink and found two more river caches close to the Mandeville anchorage. The first was on the west side of Three River Reach, and was difficult to get too since there was so much hydrilla blocking the river. Gary was our hero and managed to ford his way into the shore, pulling Betty and I sitting high and dry in the dink. After a few minutes of searching I also got out and waded around and managed to spot the treasure. The second cache was even more exciting.  Once again, Gary was da man and stumbled out of the dink to search for the cache. He had to climb up a tree which is not usual, but sometimes necessary for water caches that have to stay dry no matter what the tide. I am not sure Betty and I would have been quite so adventurous. The description of this particular cache, had warned us to be careful, that there may or may not be a garden of illegal vegetation growing near ground zero. Sure enough there was some strange looking plants growing right around the corner. Luckily, Betty had a baggie to stash some of the unusual vegetation so we could show off our find to our fellow boaters. We didn't get shot at and we returned to the raft up with our booty. A successful trip once again. CIYC was two for two on this trip!

Once again, if this sounds like fun to you, get a hold of Betty, Gary or myself and we will be happy to include you in our treasure hunts.

Friday, October 1, 2010

From the Fleet Captain

CIYC's 26th annual Down Bay Cruise is moving toward the finish line as I write this from the guest dock of the Napa Valley Yacht Club. We have been to some pretty nice places over the past week and a half, Benicia, Vallejo, San Francisco, Alameda, Tiburon and now Napa. Tomorrow we leave for the Martinez YC and their Oktoberfest Party.

What have been the hightlights of this cruise? Weather, weather, weather. Absolutley perfect. Mid to high 80's everywhere. Just a couple of days of morning overcast here on the Napa River. Following the weather, I'd have to say that seeing the opera Aida performed on the big screen at AT&T Park via a live simulcast from the real SF opera house was a highlight of the trip for sure. Just a few of us from the club and 32,000 others in the park watched the show in 80 degree temperatures as a full moon rose in the East. We also had several sightings of schools of porpoises in the bay -- a first for this fleet captain.

We've had fine dining, great bike rides and walks and terrific people watching at every destination. Happy Pappy took a bunch of disabled vets out for a trip on the Bay for the annual Wheelchair Regatta. We've had time and distance contests on a couple of legs and for the umpteenth time the Oates on Adventure won the coveted CIYC 2009 4th of July tee shirt prizes (Marsha, get ready to empty out another box.)

So far we've had no serious mechanical problems and no groundings, except for Happy Pappy's dinghy shaft hitting something very unforgiving up the Napa River, stopping the boat abruptly and throughly soaking Joel Panzer's and Don Breithaupt's pants. Unlike when I fell in the water at Pittsburg in February, only to come to the surface with a number of cameras focusing, nobody got a good picture of the Joel and Don show. Speaking of pictures, watch the website for a bunch from this cruise.

While this cruise is the last planned for the year, we may try to get a spontaneous cruise organized later in the year. Watch this space!