Tuesday, November 30, 2010

From the Rear Commodore

We had a great November Disco Charity Ball.  A big thank you  to our kitchen volunteers – Betty and Red Griffith who prepared Friday Night dinner, Caro Green, Vern Green and Janet Panzer who helped with Saturday’s meal, and Chip Maguire and Bill Ritter who tackled Sunday Morning Breakfast.  We appreciate the support.
We are looking forward to the Christmas Party. 

December’s menu will be:

  • Friday Night – Sue Hanna is making Stuffed Manicotti, Salad and Garlic Bread   - $7

  • Saturday Night – Minestrone Soup, Baked Ham, Scalloped Potatoes and Dessert - $18


  • Sunday Morning Breakfast – $7

Fleet Captain's Navigation News - Bethel Island Bridge

JoAnne and I took the Happy Clown out for a winter cruise this weekend.  We decided to circle the island and check out the passage under the new bridge. All is well!  The old bridge is completely gone, pilings and every thing else. We knew that the new bridge was to be much higher than the old.  You will see that the highest point is at the southern end. We went under pretty close to the three concrete structures near the Marine Emporium docks where there was 21' of clearance at high tide. You can get more clearance if you get closer to the docks, but...
I watched the depth finder from the bridge to past where the Peck/Fine's keep their Cuvee. There was plenty of water at high tide, but it definitely gets shallow for about an eighth of a mile each side of Diablo Boat Works. The "bottom" here is probably grassy mud, rather that anything that would do damage if you touched. I found the deepest water closer to the Jersey Island levee rather than the Bethel Island side.

Winter cruising is terrific; anybody want to lead a cruise sometime around New Year's?
- Ted

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's 'Santa Sack' time again!!

This is a program put on to help the kids of Bethel Island that may not have much if anything at Christmas time.  If you would bring one toy, book or whatever you feel appropriate for a boy or girl to the Christmas party on December 11th it would help make their Christmas a little brighter.  It doesn't matter what age or sex you choose.   They prefer the  gifts unwrapped. Thank you once again for your generousity.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

From the Rear Commodore

We had a great Halloween event!  We want to thank everyone for the help in the galley – Marsha and Kurt Hayes, Jo Anne Lyman, Janet Panzer, Vern & Caro Green, and Sue Rossi and Bill Ritter. I hope I didn’t miss anyone.  We are so appreciative of the volunteer spirit in the club!  There isn’t an event that goes but where we aren’t asked if we need a hand.  Thanks again!

For November, we have our Disco Theme, Charity Auction, and Tower Park Cruise-In.

Saturday @ 4 PM - bring your 1970's retro appetizers up to the bar to share if you’d like.


Friday 11/12 - Betty and Red are making Chicken Noodle Soup, Caesar Salad and Garlic Bread - Yum!  $7.00

Saturday 11/13 - Colette and Nicole are making Disco Meatloaf with Cranberry Wine Gravy (brown gravy will also be available), Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Veggie, Bread and Dessert - $20   (We will make turkey meatloaf for those who don't care for beef – let us know.)  Vegetarian Option also available if needed - $15. 


Sunday 11/14 -  Chip's famous Blueberry Pancakes, Spiral Cut Ham, fruit, juice, milk and coffee - $7

Hope to see you next weekend!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

From the Entertainment Director - Halloween was a blast!

Halloween is now over and what a party it was.  The Middletons outdid themselves again turning our bar into a spooky dungeon.  It looked great!

The Sea Ray Club did all the decorating in the dining room and it too was awsome.  They are a lively bunch and we always enjoy having them at Caliente.

Don't forget the Disco Charity Ball on November 11.  It should be a fun time with a disco ball and disco music and dancing.  Sally Sue Christopher is in charge of the silent auction which is a benefit for the children of Bethel Island.  If you have anything you would like to donate please contact Sally Sue.  She always puts on an elegant display of the auction items.

The first weekend in December we will be at Caliente decorating the clubhouse for Christmas.  This is not an official club function but if you feel like it, come and join us.  We'll do a pot luck dinner that Saturday evening.

The Christmas party is on December 11th.  The Bourbon Brothers have volunteered to play their guitars and sing some Christmas carols.  Maybe we can get our new harmonica player to join them?   I hope you all can join us for a fun evening.

2010 Cruise Memories by the outgoing Fleet Captain--Ted Lyman

February--the Annual Winter Cruise, all the way to San Joaquin YC. Rained like the skies had sprung a leak. A dozen or so committed cruisers visited by car and had a fine time. Nobody asked to visit the historic bilges of the old S.S. Sutter (your loss).

March--Rio Vista's Delta Marina and dinner at The Point.  Some of our cruisers took off for Miner Slough on Mark and Kim's Cheyenne and didn't return for hours. Also didn't find the fabled "only waterfall in the Delta."  Everything in the Delta seems to be changing these days, even the basic geography.

April --Big turnout to the San Joaquin Power Squadron's island retreat on the river across from Delta YC.  Memory #1--JJ Panzer got engaged on the docks in front of everybody.  Wedding in the works.  Memory- #2---25 knot winds across our bows as we departed.  Nobody died.

Memorial Day--Huge turnout to the slough behind Hog Island, a fine anchorage across from Lost Isle.  Also two memories of note.  First--had to use several dinghies to push the mother of all water hyacinth islands out of the slough so the other half of the fleet could land.  Second--Lost Isle still closed. Probably for the better given the size of the Mai tais
they pour.

July Mystery Cruise--Following the informal gathering at Mandeville Tip for Hilton's Fireworks, a good sized group took the bait and headed for some coordinates that could have been wrong (but weren't).  Those that found the place, Cruiser Haven Y.C.'s private Commodore Island, reported that there was no free beer as advertised.

August--A number of boats, some loaded to the max, braved the high winds of CIYC's 10th Annual Glen C. Scrimger Mystery Cruise and Poker Run (known as the Go Fast Cruise). Reports to the Fleet Captain suggested a wet trip but good times enjoyed by all.

Labor Day--For the 36th year CIYC showed up in force, something like 17 boats, on the docks of Stockton YC.  Winner of the annual CIYC Horseshoe Contest lost to the memory of this reporter, but it wasn't me and Chip. Plenty of horseshoes in the drink.

Down Bay--For the 26th year, we had a fine time on our Down Bay cruise. Cruisers were coming and going the entire time, making it hard to figure out who was where (somehow 5 of our cruising boats ended up in Mexico.)  Lots of stories but the sight of Joel Panzer and Don Breithaupt stopping suddenly in their dinghy only to have the wake wash fill the boat and their pants pockets sticks firmly in this mind.

Next up -  I'm done for the year but there will be an informal cruise the weekend of November 6-7 to PIttsburg. Check in with Staff Commodore Peck for details.

Over and out.