Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Special message from Idgie!

Hello Caliente,

It was great to see so many of my best peeps this weekend and my buddies of the Dog Crew.  I have been very lonely lately and was “treated” like royalty and cannot bark enough about how wonderful the Halloween Event was. A BIG Thank You to all who worked so hard on this event including Riverview YC and the CIYC crew of workers lead by Commodore Kim and Vice Commodore Colette. So, prancing PAWs to all who volunteered and participated. I am so excited about  this turnout and hope we even have more for the November Thanksgiving Event.
Remember a treat a day warms all dogs hearts….


FYI – Actually I had a bit of assistance from, my owners(Michelle and Diane) creating this blog……

From the Commodore

Ahoy Cruisers,
October 29, 2011 General Meeting was well attended.  We discussed the traditional item such as the budget.  Our Fleet Captain mentioned trying to arrange a mystery cruise.  Watch for more information.  We also discussed the November event which will be held at Rusty Port Hole on November 12th.  Please RSVP.  I need to get a confirmation count to Rusty Port Hole as soon as possible.  

The 2012 upcoming year was high on the list of conversation.  We addressed the topic of a land base club house or cruise club.  The overwhelming consensus is to have a land base club house as well as being an active cruising club. I feel since the 2011 board is nearing an end, we will end the year with the two cruising events and defer to the 2012 board to seek the best option for our budget/ goals for the upcoming year.  I feel very passionate about this assignment.  I am committed to continue working closely with Colette to help complete this undertaking of relocation and transition.

One very important and well-timed change coming up very very soon is the updating/ changes to the By Laws.  Ted Lyman, Marsha Hayes and Colette Curtis-Brown took on the challenge and set out on a journey to update and configure our by-laws to best fit our current situation and upcoming years.  I will be forwarding these suggested changes to each of you for review.  We will be voting on these changes at our December 2, 2011 General Meeting to be held at La Fuentes Mexican Restaurant in Brentwood, CA.  See the web page for the invitation.

Look for the meeting minutes to be released soon.

For those of you who were unable to join us for the Halloween Party, you missed a fun event.  Much planning and preparation went into this party, but the payoff was worth it.  Riverview Yacht Club graciously welcome us into their club house for this event.  Kevin (the owner of Holland & Cruiser Haven) built in three days a fantastic open air deck attached to Riverview’s club house for additional space.  Several berthers from Holland and Cruiser Haven joined the party too.  DJ Aaron (DJ Suzette’s) son spun the music, Riverview cooked a fantastic meal, Colette and Joel along with Jerry from Riverview bartended with some special brews and we party the evening away.  Many cruisers came in on Friday night for some wonderful camaraderie and helped out with some final touches on the party barge.  Thank you to each of you who helped. 

Some very important dates to remember: 
  • November 12th Up River Thanksgiving-Cruise out to Rusty Port Hole dinner Event
  • December 3rd Change of Watch- Cruise out to Cruiser haven early dinner event
  • No New Year’s Eve Event this year due to cost
  • January 7th Commodores Ball
See you soon.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Vice Commodore's Update

Hi Everyone:

We hope that everyone who went on the Down Bay had a great time.  Our one day driving over was spent enjoying  the Blue Angels.  Treasure Island offers an awesome view of the airshow without the crowds.  We also visited on the Treasure Island guest dock after the show. . 

You already know about the events planned through the rest of 2011. 

For 2012, please SAVE THE WEEKEND for the Commodore's Ball - January 7, 2012 (and January 8, 2011 if you stay overnight)

Plans are tentative, but January 7th is the best date to get a great deal after the holidays.  Shari Peck is handling negotiating prices for me.  Thanks Shari!!.  

We are excited about the upcoming Halloween Party.  There will be beverage service on the Pacific Queen.  We will have a Wicked Drink Special and wine-by-the-bottle bargain prices;  Clos Du Bois Chardonnay for only $8/bottle.  Please come join us and support the club.  Kim and her decorating crew are working hard to make this an awesome, bewitching  event.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone on October 29th. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Membership News

CIYC welcomes back into the fold Michael and Sally Sue Christopher whose application and acceptance by acclamation occurred at the July 4th raft-up. Michael and Sally Sue keep their boat I Love It at Cruiser Haven. They look forward to boating to the Fleet Captain’s cool destinations with the growing number of CIYC cruisers.

The Christopher’s re-joining CIYC brings to five new members this year. There are two other potential members discussing joining our fine group before the cruising season ends.

All members are encouraged to join in the fun before the inevitable winter months keep us off the water.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Get your Mandeville shirts!

The 4th of July Mandeville T-shirts are ready.  Order yours early and get a discount of $3.  Price at Mandeville is $15, order early and they are only $12.  Call Marsha at (925)684-9784 to place your orders.  Have a great 4th.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Membership's Musings

Membership's Musings
Our membership drive continues as we get well into the boating season. Please welcome our most recent new members, Dane and Honorfel Holweger. Dane is an auto mechanic and Honorfel a nurse in the Oncology Department of Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento. I've already had a couple of long conversations with Dane about vintage air-cooled engines, which is his specialty. Honorfel, I know, works very long hours and spends the work week in Sacramento, returning to their home on Bethel Island when her work is finished.

Dane and Honorfel have a 36' Tollycraft named Delta Pearl which they keep at their home dock on Taylor Road. They fournd their way to our St. Patrick's Day party where I first met them and then returned for our Open House and Opening Day party.  We look forward to seeing them on our monthly cruises and around the island.
As a result of our 2011 Membership Drive reward program, Marsha Fine and Glenn Peck have received that coveted little bag of bar chips worth $50.  You might want to congratulate them at the bar (and ask "who's buying?")
Ted Lyman
2011 Membership Director

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kitchen Chronicles

Hello Islanders.
Here is an updated Kitchen Chronicles for May.
As you are probably aware, the situation with the electricity
in the galley has yet to be resolved. With no working galley
we are having to make adjustments on the fly.
So here is the revised flyer and the meals for our Blues on the Sloughs event.
Friday Night Dinner:
Southwestern Salad w/ chicken, French bread, home made brownies and ice cream.
This will be prepared by Curt and Marsha Hayes, cost is $7.
Saturday we will be having the meal catered. We will be serving:
Tri-Tip, Chicken, potato salad, baked beans w/ bacon, tossed
green salad, rolls and cookies. Cost is $18.
Since we cannot cook breakfast, and the cold breakfasts are not
very cost effective, we will not be serving breakfast at this event.
Since the meal is catered I need a final count no later than Monday,
May 9. There will be very little availability for walk-ins.
Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for your understanding
regarding these changes, we're all doing the best we can.
Please call or e-mail reservations or questions to:
C-Ya @ the Club!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

From the Commodore

Hi Bloggers

The general meeting was well attended and very fruitful. I believe we are on track and extremely focused on our time line. Our foresight committee continues to work hard to bring us good solid ideas to consider as well as positive suggestions for future planning. I thought it was evident by their presentation at the General  Meeting. Our lease committee keeps on top all of board appointed issues.

We enjoyed the adventurous spirit of the Pittsburg Yacht Club who cruised in on that miserable stormy weekend to join us for our St Patrick’s Mardi Gras party. It appeared everyone enjoyed the event. We feed and hosted over 70 people. Carolyn Graham put together some wonderful prerecord dance music that had the crowd up on their feet.

How about our fine Irish cooks? Another outstanding Caliente meal. Thank you.

Marsha and Glen Peck/Fine brought aboard two wonderful new friends who share our interest alike… the love of boats and water. Jeff and Stephanie, we are looking forward to having you as part of the family.

The unpredictable cruise. Who’s going…. who’s not? Tis the question. All in all it was a fun event. Small in cruising fleet, large in group participation. It was great to see Deanna Wilkins and her son V out on the waters on board Golden Time Of Day. She looked sooo god on the water and out of that slip. Thank you to all of you who were able to driver over to Oxbow in show of support. Nice touch.

Oxbow was beautiful even under the gray clouds. The yacht club was friendly, accommodating and very social. Nice group of people. We were served a wonderful Cajun meal with authentic king cake for desert. The evening was a nice themed dinner party with new friends. Thank you Oxbow and thank you Caliente participants.

I know all the buzz is about the electric pole. The board has been extremely active working hard on the situation. Our mission is always to do what is in the best interest of the club. Please be patient as we needle through the logistics of the situation. In the meant time, I have postponed spring cleanup due to the outage. However, we are on for Opening Day.

Speaking of opening day, if you are a veteran, and plan to ride aboard Cuvee with Glen and Marsh please RSVP to me ASAP by email. I’d like to know who and how many are going so we don’t over crowd Cuvee. Also, since time is running out and Betty Griffith has been charged with a research project for the board could the veterans participating please make or wear a shirt or sweatshirt that depicts their branch of service. Hats are recommended too.

Anyone interested in helping to decorate, Cuvee will be at the club Friday before.

Lastly I committed to harbor management that I would remind all members that our pets/animals are not allowed by law to be inside the building, hallways or bathrooms. We can no longer invite our animal friends to come inside with us. Please keep your furry family members at home or on the boat.
See you at the club


Monday, March 28, 2011

Membership's Musings

We remain on target to attract a new member a month with the Board's acceptance of Jeff Irvine's and Stephanie Spurr's application. They live on Taylor Road and have a Carver named Did it Again. They will keep it on a private dock on Taylor Slough. Jeff is in the engineering field, working on the fast-growing wind farms we can see as we head downstream toward Benicia. Stephanie is a writer. I had a great conversation with both and compared notes with Stephanie about writing then (my era) and now.

For their good work in attracting these folks to the club, Glenn Peck and Marsha Fine received $50 in bar awards (these being especially nice tokens in a little red mesh bag put together by Betty Griffith.) You will soon see them everywhere in the bar as Glenn and Marsha splurge.

The membership campaign picked up even more steam at the St. Patrick's Day party. Not only did the prospective members I mentioned last month, Don and Lauri, attend the party, but another couple from the levee enjoyed the fun. Keep a look out for Molly and Dane also from Taylor Road. We expect to see their application soon. There are at least two other interested parties who plan to join in our upcoming cruise outs.

Finally, remember that we will host an Open House on April 9th, Opening Day on the Delta. Some 20 prospective members have received invitations, mostly boats in the harbor not yet members and others that Marsha Fine will identify along the levee. These folks will be around at the Opening Day party wearing special name tags. When you see them say howdy. You might be the next to pick up a quick $50 as have the Studebaker's and Peck/Fine's.

The Kitchen Chronicles

Hello Islanders.

Welcome to the First of Spring version of the
Kitchen Chronicles.

The St. Patrick's Day/Mardi Gras party turned out to be a
memorable event. I would like to thank everyone who helped
out this weekend. Bob Graham, Chip Maguire, Vern Green
and Nicole Curtis-Brown. The corned beef and soda bread
were terrific. I would like to also mention Mark Sechler
and Bill and Sue Ritter for helping out Sunday morning
under rather trying circumstances.

We had a great time with our guests from Pittsburg. We laughed
danced, ate and tied up boats in the driving rain. Which brings
me to mention one uninvited guest, the weather. We had some of the
worst winds I have ever seen at Caliente, Wicked!
Unfortunately the wind did do some damage, most notably knocking out
portions of the Islands electricity. We lost power to the front porch,
the dinning hall, heads and the galley. Harbor management and our Port
Captain Joel Panzer braved the inclement conditions trying to locate the source
of the problem, but to no avail.We have rearranged some things to supply
electricity to the fridge and freezer but the rest of the galley is down. We have
to assume going forward that this may not have a quick fix and plan accordingly.

So I wanted to let you know that we will be making a few changes to our
Opening Day event. Friday night we will have no "soup line." For those of
you planning on coming Friday, we will do a pot-luck dinner in the bar.
These are always funs so bring something to share. Please remember
if you need to heat something, you will have to do it on your boat, we have
no microwaves. Saturday will be catered, so there will be no problem.
Sunday we will do a Continental breakfast with coffee, rolls, etc. Cost will be $5.

One more note. Saturday, April 2nd will be a Club Clean-Up weekend.
We will be getting started around 9:00. Please come and help out.
I will be getting Pizza's for the worker bees. We will also be providing
sodas and perhaps Barley and hops cocktails.

Please let me know if you will be coming to Opening Day ASAP so I can get
the caterer a final count. There is a flyer on the website.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks and C-Ya At the Club!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Opening Day is getting close!

Hello Islanders.

Here is the flyer for Opening Day, Saturday April 9th.
Dinner will be served at this event at 6:00 since it will
be a long day. We are doing a special dinner, roasted
island style pig and chicken. We will have other island
treats as well. Since we are having this professionally
done, we need an accurate count. Make your reservations ASAP.
Also, I need to know if you are coming Friday night or
Sunday morning. Do not "assume" I know you are coming.
I am only buying enough for those who sign up. The
left overs are first come-first served.

This is going to be a fun event. Come out and help us decorate
Cuvee and celebrate the "official" start of Spring.

Call me with ANY questions.

Thanks, and C-Ya at The Club.

Here's a link to an interesting article about the weed problems in the Delta

The state finally plans to do something next month about an aquatic weed that has been choking waterways and drawing complaints around Bethel Island and Discovery Bay for a decade

Click here to read the article

Thursday, March 10, 2011

From the Safety Officer

On June 18 we are having our Martini/Founder's Day celebration. During the day we will be having vessel safety inspections by the Power Squadron's vessel safety examiners. They check for various safety items on your boat and make recommendations that will make you a safer boater. When you pass the safety inspection you receive an official sticker for the current year to be placed in your boat's window. The Coast Guard can board any vessel any time but you are less likely to be boarded if you have a current sticker.

To find out the specifics on what is required to pass you can go to the San Joaquin Delta Power Squadron's website at sjdps.org. On the left, bottom click on vessel safety inspections. You can then click on a link for a "virtual" safety check and it will go through the steps. If you are interested in having your boat inspected on Martini Day please contact me ASAP so we will know how much time we need and how many inspectors.

Boating season begins for Caliente cruisers at the end of this month. Let's all have a great and SAFE season.

Update from the Cruise Director

Are you ready for some cruising? Ready to get your boat out on the water and get a little sun on your face? We have a great line up of cruise outs for this year. We now have a cruise schedule tab on the CIYC web site. Just click there to see the calendar and information on upcoming cruise outs..........the easiest thing of all is all you have to do to sign up is just email me at graham207@aol.com. Our first cruise out will be to Oxbow in just a few weeks. Bring your beads, mask and feathers for a Mardi Gras party!! Be sure to check the schedule we have just added a cruise out to DISCOVERY BAY in early May!! This should be a wild weekend with 3 events at the Discovery Bay YC. The one thing that brought us together is the love of boating. I hope to see you out on the water enjoying your boats and all the great friendships we have made.

Carolyn Graham

Friday, February 25, 2011

From our Acting Rear Commodore

Hello Islanders and welcome to this issue of,
The Kitchen Chronicles.....
Well Crab Feed was a tremendous success. As you know this event is one of our
major revenue generators. We had a great turnout, and the crab was
phenomenal, probably the best I have ever had. Thanks to everyone who helped.
The cleaning crew, the cookers, the servers and of course the eaters. Thanks for
coming out and supporting the Club.
And speaking of supporting the Club, it's time for "The wearin' of the Green." No not
Vern! We will be doing the traditional corned beef and cabbage this year. The dinner
is Saturday the 16th. Please get your reservations in early it makes calculating what to
buy a lot easier, and don't forget to let me know if you are coming Friday night or Sunday
morning too. I have had a lot of requests for Sunday breakfast, so by popular demand
we will be doing Baggy Omelets again. If you haven't had them before, it's a lot of fun.
I could use help Saturday doing the prep. Let me know if you would like to slice, dice,
puree, frappe or do any of those other kitcheny things. Chip will be doing his traditional
Soda Bread, but I could still use help for Saturday dinner and Friday Soup line as well.
I'm sure you will be hearing from Glenn, and remember, he speaks three languages
fluently and doesn't understand the word NO in any of them.
Hope you can all make it. It is the General Meeting weekend, so we need everyone to
be there. Might as well make a weekend of it and have dinner too.
C-Ya at the Club......

Thursday, February 24, 2011

From the Commodore

Hello CIYC friends,

I trust everyone who attended our Commodores Ball enjoyed themselves.  I know Mark and I did.  The event went off without a hitch.  We were able to keep it a surprise from Phil right up until the last minute.  Thank you to everyone who helped put this event on. Without friends and helpers like you it wouldn’t have been the fabulous event that it was.  XXOO to all of you.

Thanks to everyone who contributed at the crab feed.  We served well over 100 friends, family and guests.  The food…. WOW STEP BACK…. IT WAS AWESOME! Our new slogan this year was “DOUG KNOWS CRAB TOO” I’m sure he would have made Joe Miller proud.  Doug was an outstanding crew leader even while under the strain of having only a skeleton crew to help out.  The dinner was cracked, cooked and served right on time.  Dave Peck and crew, thank you too.  All of you worked as if you’ve done this before (Ha Ha) Thanks to everyone!!

If we had been giving out prizes for the most guest in attendance with a member it would have gone to Roger and Sally Studebaker.  34 guests!  Wow that’s a lot of visitors.  Nice going Roger and Sally. Mr. and Mrs. Wells join us again this year.  It’s always a pleasure to host these wonderful folks.  I observed Mr. Wells snapping away and speaking with some of our members. Watch for us in an upcoming edition.

A couple of bonus items happened at the feed.  Phil Calderoni was able to deliver Glen and Marsha Peck/Fine their well deserved award.  We also enjoyed a heart felt thank you from Dan and Len Marsh for the Club’s contribution to the local Children Christmas Party. 

Speaking of the local Children’s Christmas Party, our silent auction is planned again this year for the November event.  We need those donations.  Last year we raise over $1500.00. How about we challenge ourselves this year, let’s shoot for $2000.00.  We have a cruise in club joining us for this special event, so we need lots of good stuff to auction off.

Sally Sue Christopher....if you are reading this WE NEED YOU & CHRISTINE!  I’ll be calling on you both for your special auction touch!

Since the February General Meeting was postponed and rescheduled for the March 19th event at 1:30 PM I 'm sure we will have a full house at our next event. Don’t forget to wear Irish green and/or Mardi Gras purple, green and gold.

Yeppers its time for our annual St. Patrick’s Day party and this year we are adding a Mardi Gras twist.  Prizes for the best Male and Female Mardi Gras Mask!  We’re hosting our good friends from Pittsburg. This group sure does make this party fun!  Don’t miss out.  Live entertainment depends on turn out.  So get your RSVP’s in ASAP.
Oh a reminder about our upcoming cruise out.  We are going to beautiful Oxbow and they too are doing a Mardi Gras theme.  Don’t forget your party spirit.  Put those mask and party things on board.   I’ll expect everyone to bring or have something Mardi Gras accompany them to this party.  You can bet I will.  Can you keep a secret?  SHHHHH don’t tell Mark but he will too! 

Before closing I just gotta say…..Volunteer, Volunteer, and Volunteer!  It takes a lotta help on event weekends and we really need a lotta help this year!

See you @ the club