Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kitchen Chronicles!

Hello Islanders.

Here is the latest issue of the Kitchen Chronicles.

We will be having a Super Bowl party at the club on Sunday February 6th.
It will be a potluck, so please bring some snacks or munchies to share.
I will probably see what we have in the freezer we can use to augment
our dishes. The bar will be open for all your adult beverage requirements.

I still need your reservations if you are planning on attending our crab feed.
Please let me know if you will be coming and don't forget to let me know about
Friday night and Sunday morning.

Speaking of Sunday morning, we still need a couple volunteers for breakfast prep.
I am contemplating pushing breakfast back a half hour so volunteers wont have to
get up at dark-thirty to help cook. If you would like to help let me know.


Monday, January 17, 2011

From the Commodore

With all the planning of the Commodores Ball I nearly forgot to get an article out this month. 

I trust everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  For all of you who were unfortunate to catch a cold or the flu, I hope you are well and are ready to move ahead in the New Year feeling healthy.   We have some great events planned and some awesome cruise outs.  Keep an eye on the blog for dates, times and events.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make our New Years Eve Party a success.  While the group was small, we still managed to ring in the New Year like any big city party would have.

I’m very excited about our up coming Commodores Ball. I trust we have managed to keep Phil in the “need to know” status and our event will take him by surprise.  It’s very important we all be on time that evening.

I see Dave is on his way to turning out a great crab feed event.  Doug Fitch will be running the “crab crew’ this year.  Make sure we keep in mind both Doug and Dave will need our help.  If Glen hasn’t called on you yet, and should he call on you, please don’t turn him down.  Volunteers are our life line this year in the galley.

We’re still looking for raffle prize baskets, or donations for our donation closet.  We have received a couple items but, we still need a lot more.  The raffles help us cover some of the cost of entertainment. A successful raffle can go along way in covering the cost of a DJ. 

At our next board meeting we will be taking a look at the expense of a new bar frig and consider our options. If anyone has any ideas don’t hesitate to get them on my agenda so I can address them with the board.    

I’m still looking for a volunteer(s) to finish off the end of the bar which was removed to get the new back bar in.  Give me a shout out.

I’ll see you soon at the Commodores Ball.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's Crab Feed Time!!

Hello Islanders.

It's time once again to start thinking about crabs and feeds.....
Our annual Crab Feed will be Saturday February, 19.

The cost will be $40/person. It will include fresh HOT crab, lasagna, salad, French bread and desert.

We will also be serving breakfast Sunday (and we need volunteers to cook it..). Glenn and Marsha will be doing Navy bean soup/salad and bread on Friday night.

Due to the time of year and the potential scarcity of crab, we need to get our order in EARLY. 

Please make your reservations by 02/04/2011. The sooner the better. I will be ordering a little extra but since budgeting is of extreme importance this year we are figuring our order as close to what we need as possible.

Also, if you are interested in helping with preparation, We need volunteers for that as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Dave Peck

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 CIYC Membership Outlook--Off to a Good Start!

With the local recession and continued high unemployment in our region, we can always use good news these days. As 2011 begins, CIYC starts it membership slightly higher than expected and budgeted. Equally important, we have potential new members already coming before the Board. Thanks to the outreach of Roger and Sally Studebaker, a couple who have had their boat in the harbor for just a few months have taken the first steps to becoming members of our club. Ray and Jill Rexford are familiar with CIYC through the Studebakers friendship and business dealings with the club (ice machine).
With this good news in hand we need to announce the various 2011 membership campaigns that are clearly already moving forward. Jill and Ray are examples of folks with boats already in the harbor who have taken the time to meet and get to know us. Ray has always said howdy as he moves up and down the south dock and those that he's met have taken the initiative to reciprocate. The result is seen in the examples of the Ritters and Wineroths and others who have joined our merry band in the past year.
We look forward to other friendly Caliente Harbor berthers not now members getting to know us, joining in our events and coming along on our cruises. Please do as the Studebakers and others have done to attract people like the Ritters, Wineroths and now Jill and Rex--engage your non-member neighbors and invite them to give CIYC a test drive.
We are also organizing efforts to attract new members from outside the harbor.  We will be making sure that all current CIYCers have a couple of the new 2011 Membership Applications and marketing brochures on their boats to give to family, friends and those we meet on the water. Look for announcements about the incentives the Board will be offering to club members who help bring good folks into our club.
Another element of our membership campaign is public relations. We are already taking steps to get our name out there in 2011. Joel Panzer has received word that his invitation to Yachtsman Magazine's "delta beat" writer, Bill Wells, will be attending our Crab Feed and Opening Day events this year, surely to be followed up with good words and pictures in the magazine. We trust that all CIYC members will be good PR folks in this regard.
Finally, an update on 2011 Membership items. The 2011 Directory has been updated and will be off to the printer any day. 2011 Membership Cards are in the works. We hope to have these items in your hands at the Commodore's Ball. Don't forget this January 29th special event. There are still a few reservations open. Contact Commodore Kim Owens for details at kowens@bekinsa1.com.
Ted Lyman
2011 Membership Director