Friday, February 25, 2011

From our Acting Rear Commodore

Hello Islanders and welcome to this issue of,
The Kitchen Chronicles.....
Well Crab Feed was a tremendous success. As you know this event is one of our
major revenue generators. We had a great turnout, and the crab was
phenomenal, probably the best I have ever had. Thanks to everyone who helped.
The cleaning crew, the cookers, the servers and of course the eaters. Thanks for
coming out and supporting the Club.
And speaking of supporting the Club, it's time for "The wearin' of the Green." No not
Vern! We will be doing the traditional corned beef and cabbage this year. The dinner
is Saturday the 16th. Please get your reservations in early it makes calculating what to
buy a lot easier, and don't forget to let me know if you are coming Friday night or Sunday
morning too. I have had a lot of requests for Sunday breakfast, so by popular demand
we will be doing Baggy Omelets again. If you haven't had them before, it's a lot of fun.
I could use help Saturday doing the prep. Let me know if you would like to slice, dice,
puree, frappe or do any of those other kitcheny things. Chip will be doing his traditional
Soda Bread, but I could still use help for Saturday dinner and Friday Soup line as well.
I'm sure you will be hearing from Glenn, and remember, he speaks three languages
fluently and doesn't understand the word NO in any of them.
Hope you can all make it. It is the General Meeting weekend, so we need everyone to
be there. Might as well make a weekend of it and have dinner too.
C-Ya at the Club......

Thursday, February 24, 2011

From the Commodore

Hello CIYC friends,

I trust everyone who attended our Commodores Ball enjoyed themselves.  I know Mark and I did.  The event went off without a hitch.  We were able to keep it a surprise from Phil right up until the last minute.  Thank you to everyone who helped put this event on. Without friends and helpers like you it wouldn’t have been the fabulous event that it was.  XXOO to all of you.

Thanks to everyone who contributed at the crab feed.  We served well over 100 friends, family and guests.  The food…. WOW STEP BACK…. IT WAS AWESOME! Our new slogan this year was “DOUG KNOWS CRAB TOO” I’m sure he would have made Joe Miller proud.  Doug was an outstanding crew leader even while under the strain of having only a skeleton crew to help out.  The dinner was cracked, cooked and served right on time.  Dave Peck and crew, thank you too.  All of you worked as if you’ve done this before (Ha Ha) Thanks to everyone!!

If we had been giving out prizes for the most guest in attendance with a member it would have gone to Roger and Sally Studebaker.  34 guests!  Wow that’s a lot of visitors.  Nice going Roger and Sally. Mr. and Mrs. Wells join us again this year.  It’s always a pleasure to host these wonderful folks.  I observed Mr. Wells snapping away and speaking with some of our members. Watch for us in an upcoming edition.

A couple of bonus items happened at the feed.  Phil Calderoni was able to deliver Glen and Marsha Peck/Fine their well deserved award.  We also enjoyed a heart felt thank you from Dan and Len Marsh for the Club’s contribution to the local Children Christmas Party. 

Speaking of the local Children’s Christmas Party, our silent auction is planned again this year for the November event.  We need those donations.  Last year we raise over $1500.00. How about we challenge ourselves this year, let’s shoot for $2000.00.  We have a cruise in club joining us for this special event, so we need lots of good stuff to auction off.

Sally Sue Christopher....if you are reading this WE NEED YOU & CHRISTINE!  I’ll be calling on you both for your special auction touch!

Since the February General Meeting was postponed and rescheduled for the March 19th event at 1:30 PM I 'm sure we will have a full house at our next event. Don’t forget to wear Irish green and/or Mardi Gras purple, green and gold.

Yeppers its time for our annual St. Patrick’s Day party and this year we are adding a Mardi Gras twist.  Prizes for the best Male and Female Mardi Gras Mask!  We’re hosting our good friends from Pittsburg. This group sure does make this party fun!  Don’t miss out.  Live entertainment depends on turn out.  So get your RSVP’s in ASAP.
Oh a reminder about our upcoming cruise out.  We are going to beautiful Oxbow and they too are doing a Mardi Gras theme.  Don’t forget your party spirit.  Put those mask and party things on board.   I’ll expect everyone to bring or have something Mardi Gras accompany them to this party.  You can bet I will.  Can you keep a secret?  SHHHHH don’t tell Mark but he will too! 

Before closing I just gotta say…..Volunteer, Volunteer, and Volunteer!  It takes a lotta help on event weekends and we really need a lotta help this year!

See you @ the club

Membership's Musings

We are off to a good start with our 2011 membership drive. On Saturday, the Board accepted the application of Jill and Ray Rexford. They are terrific folks. Here is Ray's picture. Jill was at a funeral on Saturday morning but joined us for the Crab Feed. They have a 34' Bayliner Avanti named California Dreamin! and live in Windsor. Their boat is on the south dock near where Chip and Jackie keep About Time.  Stop by and say hi to our newest members.
The membership drive picked up more steam at the Crab Feed. One visiting couple from a marina on 7-Mile Slough asked for an application and another told several of us that they were very interested in joining. This couple already have their boat on the outside dock in front of Happy Clown. Make Don and Lori feel at home by saying howdy if you are down that way.
On Saturday, your Board made two more decisions related to our membership drive. We will have an Open House for people who receive our invitation for Opening Day on the Delta on April 9th. To attend, people must RSVP with our Commodore and wear a name tag. More on this later.
The second decision was to offer our members a strong incentive to attract qualified members. For each member-sponsored application accepted, we will give $50 in bar tokens to the referring member. Chat up your berth neighbors and others who find CIYC a fine place to enjoy club fun. 
PICYA is expected to print their Yearbook in the next several weeks. Because we are watching our pennies, the Board decided to sell these books to members at our cost ($10.)  This is what many other clubs are doing. I will let you know when they're available in the Ship's Store.
Finally, if you haven't picked up your 2011 membership cards and club directory, they are in a box on the clubhouse galley counter. If you won't be around the clubhouse for several months and want the packets mailed, please let me know.  The packets have more info on the membership drive and some applications and brochures (note that the dues for 2011 are $350, with the initiation fee waived.)
Remember our 2011 motto--just one more (dinner guest, cruise in club, member.)  Help keep CIYC vibrant! 
Ted Lyman
Membership Director

Thursday, February 17, 2011

From the Vice Commodore

Vice Commodore Blog
February 16, 2011

The Crab Feed is just around the corner!!  We are looking forward to another great weekend at the club!  I’m working on a “Crabby” drink special.

I’ve received a ton of behind-the-scenes help this month.  I want to give a special thanks to:
  • Dave Peck who got the bar fridge up and running again, and
  • Glenn Peck and the Vice’s Vice, Joel who worked to finish the end of the bar where the refrigerator had previously stuck out under the bar counter.

Also, Joel thought to raise the refrigerator to help our aging backs.   You will see a big improvement when you come to the club!

Being a board member can be challenging at times as so many of you already know.  The Board faces the tough business decisions needed to keep our club afloat.  Keeping in mind the poor economy and the impact on our members, annual 2011 dues were not increased, and in fact, the up-front dues amount was lowered by $100 with the removal of script. 

But we still need your help throughout the year!

We have a new phrase this year:   Just one more . . .” – Bring in just one more member, just one more guest, just one more cruise in . . .

I’d like to add to this by asking that we all support our club just one weekend per month.  We can socialize on the docks and on our boats the rest of the month, but I’d love to see most of us in the clubhouse at 4 p.m. each Saturday of an event weekend.  I’d like to return to the days of pot luck appetizers in the afternoons in the club or out on our patio where we have a great view of the delta and Mount Diablo. 

Back to the tough part of being on the Board . . .  I was tasked this year to raise our drink prices.  My understanding is that there have been no increases in prices for at least 5+ years.  I started with the lowest profit margins – the back bar and the Wente wine using a detailed cost analysis to make the mark-up more uniform (yeah – I’m an Accountant in my other life).  I can’t tell you how many items changed in price because I didn’t know the original prices – I just priced everything according to the results my cost analysis.  I feel this is the fairest method.

So, in some cases in the bar, it will be just one more dollar

And of course if you can afford it then please by all means - tip, tip, tip. 

I know that I can count on your support of our club.

Some members did not realize that we have a corkage fee if you choose to bring your own wine into the club.  The corkage fee will remain at $5/bottle ($10-$20 in restaurants), so this gives you the option to support the club and still bring in your favorite wines.  We are also looking at other wine options – somewhere in-between the Clos du bois and the Wente higher priced wines. 

The back-bar bottles are now color-coded.  Pink is $3, Green is $4 and Orange is $5.  There will be a full price list at the bar for our volunteer bartenders. 

Thank you for your help and support.  I can always use volunteer bartenders for 1 to 2 hour shifts.  Let me know what works best for you if you are interested in helping in the bar.