Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Get your Mandeville shirts!

The 4th of July Mandeville T-shirts are ready.  Order yours early and get a discount of $3.  Price at Mandeville is $15, order early and they are only $12.  Call Marsha at (925)684-9784 to place your orders.  Have a great 4th.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Membership's Musings

Membership's Musings
Our membership drive continues as we get well into the boating season. Please welcome our most recent new members, Dane and Honorfel Holweger. Dane is an auto mechanic and Honorfel a nurse in the Oncology Department of Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento. I've already had a couple of long conversations with Dane about vintage air-cooled engines, which is his specialty. Honorfel, I know, works very long hours and spends the work week in Sacramento, returning to their home on Bethel Island when her work is finished.

Dane and Honorfel have a 36' Tollycraft named Delta Pearl which they keep at their home dock on Taylor Road. They fournd their way to our St. Patrick's Day party where I first met them and then returned for our Open House and Opening Day party.  We look forward to seeing them on our monthly cruises and around the island.
As a result of our 2011 Membership Drive reward program, Marsha Fine and Glenn Peck have received that coveted little bag of bar chips worth $50.  You might want to congratulate them at the bar (and ask "who's buying?")
Ted Lyman
2011 Membership Director