Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Special message from Idgie!

Hello Caliente,

It was great to see so many of my best peeps this weekend and my buddies of the Dog Crew.  I have been very lonely lately and was “treated” like royalty and cannot bark enough about how wonderful the Halloween Event was. A BIG Thank You to all who worked so hard on this event including Riverview YC and the CIYC crew of workers lead by Commodore Kim and Vice Commodore Colette. So, prancing PAWs to all who volunteered and participated. I am so excited about  this turnout and hope we even have more for the November Thanksgiving Event.
Remember a treat a day warms all dogs hearts….


FYI – Actually I had a bit of assistance from, my owners(Michelle and Diane) creating this blog……

From the Commodore

Ahoy Cruisers,
October 29, 2011 General Meeting was well attended.  We discussed the traditional item such as the budget.  Our Fleet Captain mentioned trying to arrange a mystery cruise.  Watch for more information.  We also discussed the November event which will be held at Rusty Port Hole on November 12th.  Please RSVP.  I need to get a confirmation count to Rusty Port Hole as soon as possible.  

The 2012 upcoming year was high on the list of conversation.  We addressed the topic of a land base club house or cruise club.  The overwhelming consensus is to have a land base club house as well as being an active cruising club. I feel since the 2011 board is nearing an end, we will end the year with the two cruising events and defer to the 2012 board to seek the best option for our budget/ goals for the upcoming year.  I feel very passionate about this assignment.  I am committed to continue working closely with Colette to help complete this undertaking of relocation and transition.

One very important and well-timed change coming up very very soon is the updating/ changes to the By Laws.  Ted Lyman, Marsha Hayes and Colette Curtis-Brown took on the challenge and set out on a journey to update and configure our by-laws to best fit our current situation and upcoming years.  I will be forwarding these suggested changes to each of you for review.  We will be voting on these changes at our December 2, 2011 General Meeting to be held at La Fuentes Mexican Restaurant in Brentwood, CA.  See the web page for the invitation.

Look for the meeting minutes to be released soon.

For those of you who were unable to join us for the Halloween Party, you missed a fun event.  Much planning and preparation went into this party, but the payoff was worth it.  Riverview Yacht Club graciously welcome us into their club house for this event.  Kevin (the owner of Holland & Cruiser Haven) built in three days a fantastic open air deck attached to Riverview’s club house for additional space.  Several berthers from Holland and Cruiser Haven joined the party too.  DJ Aaron (DJ Suzette’s) son spun the music, Riverview cooked a fantastic meal, Colette and Joel along with Jerry from Riverview bartended with some special brews and we party the evening away.  Many cruisers came in on Friday night for some wonderful camaraderie and helped out with some final touches on the party barge.  Thank you to each of you who helped. 

Some very important dates to remember: 
  • November 12th Up River Thanksgiving-Cruise out to Rusty Port Hole dinner Event
  • December 3rd Change of Watch- Cruise out to Cruiser haven early dinner event
  • No New Year’s Eve Event this year due to cost
  • January 7th Commodores Ball
See you soon.