Tuesday, January 31, 2012

From the Commodore

Hi All:
Here is a quick update.  We have a lot of good news:
Jo Daniels volunteered to be Rear Commodore and she has been voted in and appointed by your 2012 Board.  Congratulations and welcome aboard.
 We have 34 paid members plus 4 lifetime members for a total of 38 members in 2012!!   Great news!
Jack DiBartolo is working with Betty Griffith, Joanne Lyman and David Oates to update and publish our 2012 Membership Directory.  Stay tuned - our goal is to have the directories available at the Tower Park Cruise-out.
The website is back up - thanks Steve Flowers!   Steve is working on creating a slide show on the home page.  He also posted the photos from the Commodore's Ball that were given to us free of charge by Captivating Photos. Look for a photo in the Yachtsman about our Commodore's Ball and Delta Discovery Cruises . . .
I put a new format of a annual calendar on the website. It will need to be updated when all dates are finalized.  I hope you find it easy to read.
We are working on a March 31st event at Driftwood Yacht Club - more information to follow as we work out the details.  Save the date! 
The storage unit items have all been moved to member homes or personal storage units.  Thanks to Marsha and Glenn Peck, Mike and Jo Daniels, Curt and Marsha Hayes, and Ted and Joanne Lyman for making room for our "stuff".  We are making a list of items in storage.
We will be having a Board meeting while at Tower Park on February 11th.  I will update you after that meeting.  Hope to see you at Tower Park!
We're making new memories in 2012 . . .