Thursday, March 22, 2012

Windmill Cove Cruise Report

Windmill Cove Cruise Report:
“…and then there were four”

By the Saturday before our Friday departure, sixteen boats were signed up. Clearly there were plenty of signs of pent up demand to get back on the water even in winter. Then the clouds and forecast appeared.  A few dropped out.  Then the rain started.  A few more bailed. Then the Chronicle weather forecast showed sideways rain and lighting.  By departure day we were a fine bunch of four hearty cruisers.  To be clear, we had a mechanical reason or two for dropping out.  But many who worried about the rain drove in to Windmill Cove for the St. Patrick’s Day party.  Others stayed close to their home berths to celebrate.  It did rain hard on both Friday and Saturday nights with scattered sprinkles on Friday afternoon but was mostly pleasant during the days and fine for dock talk and walks.

The entertainment started on Friday when Gary Page dropped a very expensive electrical pig tail in the drink. He tried a net. No good. He started thinking about swimming but was told that the water was 59 degrees.  No go.  Finally, he snagged the thing with the help of a rake and his boat hook to applause all around.

A large number of CIYCers arrived throughout Saturday afternoon and all enjoyed an indoor party with afternoon DJ entertainment.  A better show than Gary was put on by a dozen visiting offshore race boats from a club called the Delta Lunch Bunch.  These were gear heads more than gold chain types.  Lots of huge engines, very loud pipes and displays of speed. We watched off the Windmill Cove deck as boats went by, one at 120 mph.  They were having fun in their way ($$$$) as we had fun in our way (zzzz!)

After dinner, some dancing and lots of pool games, our party broke up and folks went their way.  We got underway at mid-day on Sunday for a nice ride back to home harbors in sun and broken clouds. 

 We have organized one more cruise before we pass the baton on to other cruise directors.  This will be to the Stockton Asparagus Festival on April 27-29.  The Stockton Downtown Marina folks are giving us essentially the entire Dock B with slips for club use. The Warehouse with a couple of bars and restaurants will be within 100 yards or so. Marina staff promises a golf cart to transport any who don’t want to walk to the event site.

Watch for more info on other upcoming events and then as this event comes closer we will send more info.

Cruise Directors January-April 2012
Ted and JoAnne Lyman

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Commodore's Message

The weather has been fantastic!  We can’t wait to go cruising again soon.  Here are three upcoming events you won’t want to miss:

March 16-18 :  Windmill Cove, “March Winds Cruise”  Cruise Captains:  Ted & Jo Anne Lyman

March 30 – April 1st :  Driftwood Yacht Club SPRING FLING!!  Event Contact:  Colette Curtis-Brown DYC and CIYC are working together on this one.  Event details are being finalized – look for a flyer soon!  
Cruise-out/land event /CIYC fundraiser

April  13-15 : CIYC Opening Day at Rusty Porthole, Cruise Captains:  Marsha & Curt Hayes

These are all opportunities for us to get together and “Make Memories in 2012”.  I started to use this phrase at the beginning of the year – it seemed appropriate for our fresh start as a club.   

Recently, I was at Disneyland for a conference.  I noticed that Disney is using the phrase “let the memories begin”.  I visited the park in the evening.  I was on my own, feeling like a 10-year old kid running around excited to go on the rides, but I found that I had a lot of time alone with my thoughts while standing in line.  (50 minutes at Space Mountain, but worth every minute!!)  I experienced families, young couples, newlyweds, older couples, grandparents and lots and lots of strollers.  I watched as memories were being made – live, real-time, right in front of me.  Mostly I focused on the kids and their excitement, and the selfless parents who carted the kids and kid-gear around the park.

I remembered going to Disneyland as a kid with my parents and sisters.  I remember my amazement as a band just appeared before us – it just came up out of the ground.  Then in High School we were up all night in the park for Senior Grad Night.  I celebrated my 21st birthday in Disneyland, brought my kids as often as possible as they grew up, and once we hosted a family reunion in the park.  I have lots of great memories to build on. 

It occurred to me that it is the same with boating; there are lots of memories to build on.  As I stood in line, I thought of the similarities.  I remembered the first time I got out of the water on a single ski and cut the wake, went tubing and wake-boarding, taught the kids how to drive the boat,  moved on to larger boats and acquired our favorite toy – the jet ski.  I remember when Joel, Nicole and I cruised to CIYC before we were members and Betty invited us to go on the Go-Fast Poker run.  We knew that we wanted to be part of this group of people.

Of course we all can and probably have gone boating alone, but unless you are intently fishing, it just isn’t the same without people to share the fun with.  My boating memories would not be the same without experiencing these adventures with friends and family.  We build on these memories.  These memories become the glue that binds us as a club.

So I’m looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming club events this year.   Let’s make many more great memories in 2012 – let the memories continue . . .