Wednesday, April 25, 2012

From the Membership Director

I finally received the PICYA yearbooks for 2012.  They are great to have on your boat so when you see a boat with a burgie flying you can look it up in the directory and find out what club they belong to.  If you can read the name on the boat you can even find out their names.  We are selling them for a little over cost (but not much) at $10 each.  If you would like to purchase one please let me know at  or 415-328-0375.

Last weekend was our cruise-out to the Rusty Porthole for our Opening Day.  While Red and I didn’t cruise over we did hang out with everyone all day Saturday and stayed for a fantastic dinner.  It is now such a treat to see everyone when we get together. 

Around 11:00 Jack blessed the fleet.  It was a great blessing and very touching.  He wrote a poem for the blessing:

Boaters we are and shall always be.
It’s in our blood, a way of life you see,
We cruise the waters of the Delta and Bay,
Enjoying life’s journey along the way.
Whether on the hook or at the dock,
Our passion for boating never stops.

Our home ports are many but let it be known,
We are a family of friends with a bond like no other.
We are Caliente Isle Yacht Club for now and forever.

Thank you Jack.  It couldn’t be more true.

Saturday afternoon Marsha and Curt led a trivia contest with lots of questions about the Delta and many about CIYC.  It was not only fun but I think we all learned one or two facts.  The weather turned out to be beautiful and sitting out on the dock with good friends was so nice.

If you know anyone who is an avid boater and could use a good yacht club to join please let me know or download a membership app from the website.  We need to spread our enthusiasm.