Tuesday, May 15, 2012

From the Commodore

Hello Everyone:

This is Commodore's May Blog Number Two - the sequel . . . 

July Cruise-out Cancelled:  My previous May blog showed Little Venice Island as our 4th of July cruise-out.  This event was cancelled due to a wedding on the island. While this is disappointing, things usually work out for the best. There is no club-sponsored event in July.  Have fun at Mandeville, Stockton, on the docks, or where ever you decide to go!

General Meeting information so that you can plan ahead:  We are partnering again with Driftwood Yacht Club.  From September through December, we have booked one Friday event per month.  We have agreed to have dinner at Driftwood YC and the bar will be open for us.  In exchange, there is no rental fee and we can use the facility as if it is our own club.  

So we are taking advantage of Driftwood's great facilities.  Our General Regular Annual Meeting and Change of Watch Meeting will occur on FRIDAYS this year.  I want to give you plenty of time to plan ahead if you need to take some time off.  I am hoping that the change from Saturday afternoon to Friday early evening will cause you minimal inconvenience.

October General Regular Annual Meeting/Elections - Friday, October 19, 2012 
Change of Watch/Holiday Party - Friday, December 7, 2012 

Speaking of Elections: Staff Commodore Kim Sechler has been tasked with early recruitment of a slate of officers for 2013 so that we have elections on-time in October.  Contact Kim if you would like to help her on the nominating committee.  And please offer to serve on your club's Board in 2013.  We need YOU to keep our club alive and vibrant.

Additional Event:  We have an opportunity to support Make-A-Wish by participating in Driftwood YC's bingo fundraiser on June 16, 2012.  I will e-mail specific information to you in the next week or so.  One of the Board goals this year is to continue with our community service efforts.  We will support Make-A-Wish by participating with Driftwood YC and will donate to BIMAC in December.

Best Regards,


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Good, sound safety information!


By Diane Shoff Co-Safety Officer (and recent inductee into the Caliente Isle Precision Diving Team)

While many of us feel that safety while under way, leaving or approaching a dock, or anchoring out are where we should be vigilant, there is another place an accident can happen more frequently.  How many times do you walk along the dock during the course of a day or a weekend? Are you so comfortable with walking along the docks that you pay little or no attention to the hazards that are inherent at any marina? While we all think it is funny if someone accidentally falls into the water, many of these incidents can be 
prevented if we use common sense and pay attention to potential hazards.

Most marinas have wooden docks, and those boards have nails or screws which can protrude above the dock face. Tripping on these screws or catching a sandal is a common place event and can be prevented by paying attention to where you are going and stepping with care. Docks seem to be in constant need of repair and those repairs may not always be completed in a timely manner. Tools, open frames, nails and screws are just a few of the maintenance related hazards that may be encountered while walking along a dock. Keep the areas around your boat clutter free (note to self), to reduce your risk. At visiting docks, you are unfamiliar with the surroundings, and electrical cords can be strung haphazardly and can become a danger. Pay attention and you just may prevent a slip, trip, or fall.

We all know that water and electricity is a recipe for disaster, but how many power cords, extension cords, loose wires, and outlets play a part in a slip, trip, or fall? Here again, paying attention to ones surroundings can prevent many accidents from occurring. Making sure your power cords are in good shape and not frayed or cracked can prevent a fire which we all know to be one of the worst hazards for any marina. If you notice a frayed, discolored, or hot power cord, notify the responsible party and the marina management immediately. You just may save a marina, and your boat, from disaster.  Do not swim near docks where electricity or boat generators are present or are running.  Stray current, can be deadly and can kill without warning. A running generator can also produce carbon monoxide and if you are swimming near the fumes, you could be overcome and drown without warning. Running generators pose a problem to more than just swimmers. If your boat has a carbon monoxide detector, test it frequently, and do not disable it for any reason while a gas generator is running. If your boat is not equipped with a CO detector, get one and have it installed. It may just save your life.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

From the Commodore

Greetings Caliente Members and Friends:

You should have received the April Blog via e-mail as there was too much information and formatting for a blog.  Please contact me if you did not receive it and need a copy e-mailed to you.  A few things from the April blog are:
  • Do you want a new CIYC burgee?  Please let me know ASAP and I will place an order.  The cost to you will be about $20 + tax and handling.
  • Bring in a new membership and receive a $25 West Marine gift certificate.
  • Janice needs gift baskets for raffle items, or any raffle items you may have at home. 

April was another fun-filled month of cruising.  Recognition and thanks go out to Kurt and Marsha Hayes for organizing CIYC’s Opening Day Celebration at the Rusty Porthole on April 13-15th.  We had a great time.  The Hayes and Lymans came up with a Delta Trivia contest that was a lot of fun.  We had 50 for Saturday night dinner – a great turn-out.  The food was wonderful – I heard a lot of compliments!

Our own Reverend Jack DiBartolo composed a prayer for the blessing of our fleet and also prepared a certificate for each boat owner documenting  official recognition of boating in the delta for each vessel.  Thanks for the extra effort Jack!!

By the time you read this, the Stockton Asparagus Festival cruise-out orchestrated by Ted and Jo Anne Lyman will have already occurred.  Stay tuned for a blog from them.  I can’t wait to hear about all of the Asparagus concoctions they encountered, such as asparagus toothpaste, gum or ice cream  . . .
Trivia Question:  Who couldn’t wait to go on the Asparagus Festival even though he loathes asparagus???

Upcoming Events:

  • Willow Berm Cruise-out May 25-28
  • Potential Event  – Attend Driftwood YC Bingo Make-A Wish Fundraiser on June 16th – more info may follow if there is interest in participating
  • June 22-24 – Co-Founders’ Day at Riverview Yacht Club – drive or cruise in – June 22-24.  Jo Daniels is cooking and needs some assistance.  Please call her to volunteer to help out.
  • Little Venice Isle – July 2-8. 

Asparagus Cruise-Out Notes