Monday, August 27, 2012

From our Co-Safety Officer

Freak Accident

Diane Shoff

A recent boating accident in Pollock Pines nearly cost one woman her life. The family had been out boating on Jenkinson Lake, playing in the water, tubing, and just having fun.  The weather started to change with the winds picking up and looking like rain. The tube was tied down to the side on the aft end of the boat and the loose line was on the floor. The woman was seated in the back with her feet on top of the loose line. A gust of wind picked up the tube and the woman was violently yanked out of the boat. The next thing she remembered was coming up out of the water and her foot was just dangling on the end of her leg. The line had wrapped around her leg and amputated her foot. Her husband tied a tourniquet above the injury and a nearby observer, called 911. Fast thinking and immediate medical attention saved her life.

Many years ago when I still water skied, I remember being in the water behind the boat and another skier fell just in front and to the left of our tow boat. The boat operator in trying to return to his skier whipped around me at speed still pulling the tow rope. Luckily, I noticed and saw the line coming and was able to lift my legs up out of the water just as the line passed under me. I don’t think I have ever been so scared and angry in the water before or since that incident. The boat operator who almost caused a life threating accident had no clue what he had done. We tried to catch him and explain so he wouldn’t make that mistake again, but he just kept on going after he got his skier back up.

There are many dangers while in the water, playing with towables, or just riding on a jet ski. Common sense says to pay attention and see more than what is just in front of us. Practice safe boating and stay alert and you just might prevent an accident.

Catching Up on CIYC Cruise Out Stories

Catching Up on CIYC Cruise Out Stories

After the memorable Memorial Day Cruise put on by Curt and Marsha Hayes, we have had two more fun cruise outs. This blog will bring all Caliente Cruisers up to date.

12th Annual Glen C. Scrimger Go Fast Poker Run and Mystery Cruise August  4 , 2012

This event is a perpetual cruise out in memory of Glen Scrimger. Glen was only in office for a few months when he passed away in his late 50s.  With his CIYC event calendar in place, Judy Scrimger stepped into his shoes as Commodore and successfully led the club forward on one of its most ambitious years.   Making it more ambitious than earlier years was that Glen really wanted to put on a Go Fast cruise.  He envisioned all of the members with smaller runabouts or other fast boats gathering on the CIYC dock and leaving on a mystery cruise and poker run.

A couple of members stepped up to plan the event and it has run every year since.  If memory serves, that first Go Fast Cruise had something like 10 boats, only 6 of which completed the day- long cruise without breakdown.  In the years since, the cruise has been led by Al and Nancy Laughlin who are no doubt more knowledgeable of the Delta and its dive bars than most. 

This year saw something like 8 boats and one Waverunner and about 35 CIYCers and their guests calling on several of those afore mentioned dives.  As has often been the case, the cruise ended at the Laughlin’s notorious Gin Barge—enough said.

The weather was iffy, with some thunder and lightning as we departed, but the rain pretty much held off all day.  Guest (and former CICYer) Patti Cecchini won the top prize for the best poker hand.  It was a tee shirt on which was written, upside down, “If you can read this, pull me back in the boat.”  Gary Page had the worst hand and was awarded a still-coveted Down Bay tee shirt from many years ago.

Judy Scrimger was on hand for the cruise as usual.  She was very appreciative of Michael Christopher’s kind memories and words in memory of Commodore Glen C. Scrimger, 2001.


Mildred Island Cruise Out, August 10-12, 2012
This cruise out was planned by Past Commodore Chip Maguire in the months before he faced  hip replacement surgery.  With only 10 days or so to recover, he wisely decided to stay safely off of a possibly pitching boat.  While he and Jackie were missed, the cruise was a blast.  Chip had it planned for hot weather and lots of water toys.  He got both wishes.  It never got above 94 degrees but with no wind, perfectly calm water and plenty of CIYCers and their toys constantly in the water, nobody was complaining about the heat. The cruise was the first true anchor out/raft up of the year and came off without boat damage, anchor drills, or other problems. Almost every boat got a bow and stern anchor down, and it was only because of a windless problem that the anchors weren’t down within minutes of pulling into the raft.

Eight boats joined in this fun, lasting from Friday mid-day to Sunday PM. There were lay-upon floats, noodles, rubber dinghies, a SUP and a small sailboat carrying our members about.  Chip got his wish—water toys of all kinds and everybody was in the water, but – no wind for kites.

We celebrated the new membership (pending Board approval) of Rob and Kim who joined in the fun on their39’ Sea Ray Hurricane II, very similar to Dave and Sharie Peck’s 5 o’clock Somewhere. Rob has a terrific English accent.  Kim is the daughter of Linda and Bill Wilson, Past Commodores of Stockton YC.  Both have been around boats for most of their lives.  Say hi to Rob and Kim when you see them at a CIYC event.

All agreed that while tying to a marina dock is great, we need to keep having these kinds of anchor outs. They test our skills, our equipment (like anchor swivels, rodes and shackles—all of which caused some grief) and our ability to be self-sufficient.  The Happy Clown was the last boat to leave and the stern anchor was buried.  It took lots of maneuvering, moving lines from the stern to the bow windlass and about an hour, but we finally got the sucker out.

Ted Lyman                   

Looking forward to seeing you at the Labor Day Commodore Island cruise out August 31-September 3!