Friday, February 22, 2013

Cruise Information

Hello Cruisers.

It's time to get that periodic maintenance done and get ready for Spring. Our first "official" cruise-out is coming up. The date and venue have been changed. We were scheduled to go to Tinsley Island, but that did not work out, so I was forced to make a change on the fly. Our new destination is the beautiful private island of the Delta Yacht Club. We will be cruising on Friday March 22 to Sunday March 24. Several people thought this was better than Easter weekend. Several of our members were concerned that the Easter Bunny does not have a boat to deliver eggs.

The island is five acres, beautifully maintained with a clubhouse, full bathroom facilities, a 9 hole pitch and put, horse shoe pits and bar-b-ques. There is even a pool for the brave or extremely foolhardy.

They have good, plentiful 30 amp services on the dock as well as water. We will doing a potluck dinner Saturday night. Bring something to bar-b-que and sides and deserts to share. If anyone would like to coordinate a horseshoe tournament or organize a pot luck breakfast, just let me know.

Check out the island and the amenities at .
The cost is $50/boat per night. There is a two night minimum, so unfortunately it is a $100 charge for one or both nights. Please let me know if you will be attending. 

Send your check to me made out to C.I.Y.C. 
2284 Winchester Loop
Discovery Bay, CA 94505

There is plenty of room for everyone, however a do need to let them know our final count by March 15th.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Dave Peck
Fleet Capt. C.I.Y.C.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Opening Day News!

Caliente Members,

The reservation form for Caliente's Opening Day Celebration at the Rusty Porthole Restaurant on Saturday, April 13th is on the website and by clicking here.  Your reservation and payment must reach Chip Maguire no later than Friday, March 31st.  Free docking is available both Friday and Saturday nights.

Cruise in, or drive in for a fantastic weekend.  Chip has many fun things planned for this weekend including music on the docks for Friday night, so don't miss out.  Additional information will be forwarded to you by Chip closer to this event weekend.

Please get your reservations and payments in as soon as possible.  In regards to the menu selections for Saturday's dinner:  The Porthole prepares  their prime rib  "medium rare".  If you are ordering the prime rib and have a strong preference for it to be cooked "well" or "rare", please indicate this on your reservation form and the Porthole will be informed of your preference.

Contact Chip Maguire if you have any questions regarding this event weekend at 925-672-7905,

See you on the water soon!

DIY AIS - Part 2

Boat Talk
David Oates

DIY AIS Part 2,

AIS: Automatic Identification System. A system of transponders installed on vessels which send continuously updated navigation information.  An AIS receiver is used to monitor these transmissions and the AISWatchMate is used to display this information and trigger alarms when there is a risk of collision.

There are two classes of AIS transponders. The Class A is used on vessels which have mandatory requirements to carry AIS transponders. The Class B is used on vessels for which AIS transponders are optional.

The AIS I am using is Class B (by SITEX) and the monitor/display is AISWatchMate by Vesper Marine Ltd.

Here is an example of what will be shown on the AISWatchMate. The little triangle targets are ship underway.

Picking up where I left off (Part 1), I put the two halves of the console together using JB Weld.  I removed the excess JB Weld and clamped the structure to a flat surface with plastic wrap on both top and bottom.  Because the “welded” joint was only along the 3/16th inch edge of two pieces of aluminum, 5 inches long, I made a temporary plate to hold and strengthen the assembly.  I intend to replace the temporary plate with a permanent plate that will stick out the back of the console and support the AIS post.  The actual shape and dimensions remain to be determined during final assembly on board Adventure.

I determined the desired angle of the future console face to be 78.5º to 79º and attached pieces of ½” angle aluminum along the front insides edges of the console frame – recessed ¾ of and inch – to accept the front panel.

The details of the console construction are probably not called for and from those you will be spared.  A lot of those details are the result of my habit of over building. 

I originally planned on using small (2mm) LEDs for indicators.  Those will tell the user that the system, the antenna switch and the screen are powered, whether or not the alarm is active or disabled, whether the transceiver is transmitting or silent, and which station’s screen is receiving the signal.  (Yes, I was planning for the possibility of having an alternate screen mounted in the down-station.)  On further speculation, and since I am short one switch, I will build the thing with a plugged hole and no switch… for now.  I shouldn’t be purchasing a second display while I don’t even know if my conglomeration will work!

So, I ordered six green and 2 red LEDs and the proper power limiting resistors to make them work on 12 volts.  However, my order never went through (I placed the order twice) and I ended up purchasing larger units in chrome mounts from Radio Shack.  I’m not entirely happy with the substitution because the plan was to have small, dim, indicators that would not take up a lot of panel space and would not be distracting at night.

Using Microsoft Visio, I designed the panel layout template and using a piece of plastic and the template I positioned the various components.  I assembled the console using that temporary, plastic panel (see photo).  All that is shiny in the photo (switches and screws) will be less visible or gone in the final panel except the chrome rings around the LEDs.  After studying the assembly on my living room floor, I think I will move the switches.  I’ll be back to Visio for that and then off to my milling machine to make the cut-outs.

David Oates.