Sunday, April 21, 2013

Important news from Betty

Those who were at Rusty Porthole last weekend probably remember that our Rosalie was not feeling well. As of this Friday she was admitted to the hospital and is in the ICU with double pneumonia. I've been texting her all week and she said she wasn't getting better and it looks like she still isn't. They are giving her breathing treatments but this morning she said she still feels horrible.

Next weekend is the Stockton cruise and we will have a card for everyone to sign but if you won't be there or would like to send your own it would be nice. Her home address is 6689 Tannahill Drive, San Jose 95120. I'm sure she would appreciate it.

Betty Griffith

Saturday, April 20, 2013

From the Commodore

Another successful cruise out for Caliente Isle Yacht Club! Last weekend 15 boats cruised over to the Rusty Porthole on Bethel Island. The weather was warm and, for the most part, not to windy. Other members which did not come by boat, dropped by on Saturday to visit and grab a bite to eat in the Rusty Porthole’s bar or share in the appetizers which were over the top per usual. We also had a surprise visit from former members Nancy Kanuith and Joe Miller. It was sure great to see them again and catch up with their comings and goings. Some chose to stay or drop by for the Saturday night dinner in the restaurant which went off without a hitch. Kudos to the Rusty Porthole’s staff who did an admirable job of serving 50 hungry diners. And kudos to our membership for supporting the Porthole by dining in for lunch or breakfast. Always a CIYC favorite, I can see a return trip to the Porthole in our future, maybe in the fall. 

Next event is the Stockton asparagus festival. 15+ boats are signed up for the cruise into Stockton’s Downtown Marina. Last year, the marina’s staff went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed, garbage removal, morning paper, doughnuts for breakfast etc. Security wasn’t an issue, and I don’t expect it will be one this year either. Security personnel are constantly patrolling the docks and the parking lots to make sure their guests and their property are safe from would be thieves. The Asparagus festival runs Friday thru Sunday and many members will head on over to partake in the asparagus ice cream among other delights the festival has to offer. Many vendors are present with something of interest for just about everyone. So if you have never been to the Asparagus Festival, this just might be a good time to come on down to the Stockton Marina and get together with friends and partake in the various offerings to be had at the festival. Hope to see you there!

Diane Shoff
Commodore CIYC

P.S. No one asked me who the latest member of the Caliente Precision Diving Team is. Either you already know, or no one reads my blog! 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

From the Fleet Captain

Hello Caliente Cruisers.
I am finalizing our cruise to Willow Berm marina for the Memorial Day weekend.
We sold out last year, and I anticipate the same this year. We will have reserved
space on the guest dock, and perhaps some slips will be available as well. However
space will be limited, and I will book spaces on a first come, first served basis.
I anticipate we will be able to accommodate around 15 boats, but this will be based
solely on what Willow Berm has available.

Please send me your reservations as soon as you can. I will record them as I receive
them. Once I know who wants to come, Willow Berm's management will try to make
arrangements to fit us all in.

If anyone wants to set up a horse shoe tournet, bocce ball etc. Let me know.
I will send out more information as the date gets closer.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Dave Peck
Fleet Capt. C.I.Y.C.

Monday, April 1, 2013

8 Bells

Joe Higgins passed away on March 23, 2014 after a short hospital stay.  He was 97.  His wife, Helen, and his daughter, Sandy, and their grandchildren were at hand.  Joe had been fighting cancer and other ailments for some time yet he was alert and fun to visit with during most of this time.

Joe and Helen were the longest standing members of our club. They joined CIYC in 1968, one year after the club was formally established and 10 years before the foot bridge was built.  Some of their better stories were about the often treacherous trips to or from the levee in the notorious Caliente wind.  These trips were on the harbor's rickety ferry, piloted by one the club's sketchy caretakers back in the day.  The flat bottomed boat would tip and dip causing water to pour over the floor as passengers raised their feet, squealed and grabbed their pitching shopping carts.

Joe was a piece of work.  Using his BS degree in Aviation Mechanics, he spent most of his career at Lockheed Martin working on different government programs.  Some were at a secret New Mexico test site where sensitive military projects were evaluated.  He lovingly maintained their vintage 32' Chris Craft cruiser, Macushla, one of the more active boats in the club during his active boating days. Never afraid to just dig in and get something fixed,when the boatyard didn't move fast enough on the repairs, he replaced some bottom planks on that boat while in his 80's.  Macushla was shipped to Washington a few years ago and is now under restoration by Joe's grandson, Jasyn.

Joe's forte at club events was his over-the-top Halloween costumes.  A memorable one was a hula girl -- once even with a coconut shell bra. You couldn't tell it was Joe.  Another was of the Jack-in-the box guy where he wore a basket ball on his head that was just  a wee bit too small.

 Joe and Helen were honored by the club several years ago when they were awarded Lifetime Membership status.

Joe will be missed for the friendships he developed with so many of our members, his fascinating stories and his good humor.  As his family said, "he gave so much and asked for so little." Good bye Joe.  We wish you fair winds and following seas  on your final journey.