Saturday, June 29, 2013

Know Before You Go - from Jack DiBartolo

An excellent article from Jack.  In fact, it's more that the blog can handle!

Seriously, the formatting and such are a little to complex for here so I'm including a link so you can see it as Jack intended.

Great job, Jack!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Boat Talk by David Oates

Boat Talk
David Oates

DIY AIS Part 3,

Well I know it has been a long time since I sent Part 2, but I have been busy with other things.  First I broke my boat!  That is, I backed into a dock in Stockton and pushed the corner of the swim platform through the corner of my transom.  Hmmm.  That will have to be fixed.  Then, with duct tape over the hole, I made the Willow Berm/Memorial Day cruise.  Four days after returning from Willow Berm, Helen and I joined more than 3100 other passengers on the Grand Princess for ten days of cruising from San Francisco, around southeast Alaska and back to San Francisco with a stop in Victoria, Canada.  We are back home now and trying to adjust to life in San Jose. 

The AIS project…  I have wired most of the console and prepared the boat to accept it.  I’m actually ashamed of the wiring.  It is quite messy because using available wire has some of the conductors much larger than needed and added to the crowding inside the console.  The AIS post is mounted and I traveled with it in place to assure myself that it does not distract me or interrupt my line of site.  It’s fine.  I didn’t even notice it.

After arriving at Cruiser Haven Marina, after the Willow Berm weekend, I mounted the console on top of the flybridge dash board.  I have included a picture to show how it stands.  The console is a bit more imposing than I expected, but will be alright.  As you will notice when viewing the picture, I have not yet made a top for the thing.  That is pretty much cosmetic – first I want to know if the electronics work.  I still need to bring in the antenna wires, connect the power and go find a vessel—maybe a ship in the deep water channel.


David Oates.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

New Members!!

Here it is June and we have more new members.  How exciting!  Here is their information.

Steve and Robin Brooks
901 Retriever Way, Galt, 95632
home phone (209)745-4929
Steve's cell: (209)663-7702 Robin's cell:(209)663-7703
Steve's email:  Robin's email:

Boat info:  1974 Uniflite 38' beam 12.6' named Vintage 74 berthed at Delta Bay Marina on Andrus Island
Steve and Robin are friends of our other newest members Dennis and Barbara Angelini and Roger Roelle and Connie Anderson.  They are all members of the Floating Realty YC and have been looking for a great cruising club.  I don't think they will be disappointed.  Steve came to Willow Berm with Dennis, Barbara , Roger and Connie on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend so some of us were able to meet him there.  We're looking forward welcoming both Steve and Robin at one our cruise outs.  Hope it's soon!

Betty Griffith

Update from Betty

Time to update the members of the Caliente Isle Precision Diving Team.  Red, the founder of the CIPDT, is asking that any members that have fallen off their boat, off the dock, dinghy, or anything that pertains to boating, please email your name and if you know the approximate year that would be great.  If you don't know the year that's ok too.  That is for the plaque.  If you have a funny short story about your "accidental precision dive" you can send that too.  I will do something with that when I get your stories.  Red is the founder because he seems to have perfected the "dive",  having fallen in twice.  The first time he shouldn't have even been crawling back to the boat.  The second time it was 11:00 AM (no alcohol involved) and he bent over to look at something in the water and "the wind blew him in".  Ted Lyman is a close runner up having also fallen in twice we just learned.  The second time being at the Stockton cruise this year.  He waited until almost everyone was on their way home to slip on his newly varnished swim platform so there were very few witnesses.  Oh well, he's ok and a good sport.  That's the kind of story I'm looking for.  You can send your info to me at the below email address and thank you in advance for your info and stories.

Betty Griffith

Friday, June 7, 2013

From the Commodore

Well May has come and gone and Caliente Isle Yacht Club has successfully completed another cruise out. Over the Memorial Day weekend, 14 boats cruised on in to the Willow Berm Marina guest dock. Four members who are currently berthed at the marina, Panzers, Wineroths, Ritters, and Klings came by the guest dock to partake in the appetizers and the Saturday night feast at the Sand Bar. In addition, the Pages and Daniels came by land yacht to also join the festivities. Most of us had the opportunity to meet our newest members, Dennis and Barbara Angelini and Roger Roelle and Connie Anderson. If you haven’t met them, please take a moment at our next event to introduce yourselves to them and give them a big welcome into our club. I want to thank Kim and Mark Sechler and Mike and Jo Daniels for doing such a wonderful job with our feast at the Sand Bar. Marsha Hayes helped arrange for the facilities and Rob and Kim Scott were enlisted to help with the BBQ’ing and set up. Dave and Shari Peck were also on hand to help in any way that was needed. The chicken was fantastic and the potato bar was out of this world! All of the side dishes and desserts were wonderful. As usual, we didn’t have enough food for everyone! (Just kidding). Thanks to those members who stayed late to clean up the facilities. You all know that these things don’t happen by themselves and it takes many members willing to donate their time and effort to pulling off one of these events. A big thanks goes to Joel Panzer for setting up and running the Bocce Ball tournament. Although, I stunk, it was still fun. Former member, John Yost tagged along with the Oates and fished his fingers to the bone. On Saturday alone, he caught 19 fish!!! It was good to visit with John again and I hope to take some pointers from him so maybe one day when I grow up I can say I nailed 19 fish. Thanks John for the help with a novice like me.

Next up is our Founder’s Day aka Martini  Day  event which will be held at Ox Bow Yacht Club on 6/21 to 6/23. Members eat free on Saturday night. If you want to cruise over please call Dave Peck for reservations at the guest dock and Chip Maguire for reservations for the pasta dinner Saturday night. Reservations must be made prior to arrival. Should be a fun cruise out.  

The end of June and the first of July brings us to the Independence Day celebrations. While there isn’t an official Caliente Cruise, there are some choices for those who wish to venture out. Dave Peck will be coordinating those who will be going to Stockton. Mandeville turns from a normally quiet and peaceful anchorage into ‘the place to be’ on Fourth of July. If you show up without making previous arrangements with a particular group you wish to anchor up with, don’t be surprised if there is not enough room for late comers. It seems like the prime spots get taken earlier and earlier each year. So be prepared to be flexible and have your anchors and fenders ready. I would like to amend my statement about Mandeville being a ‘scary place’.  I only meant it can be hectic and crazy out there but it certainly is fun! The main show isn’t about the fireworks but about all the people in their get ups, decorated boats, and dinghy parades. There is always something going on at any time of the day and sometimes you just have to say ‘what were they thinking’? Of course, some of the best water fights in the land can be seen on July fourth at Mandeville.

See ya on the water.

Diane Shoff

Monday, June 3, 2013

From the Fleet Captain

Hello Caliente Cruisers.
Time to sign up for our next on the water adventure. We will be cruising
to Oxbow Yacht Club / Marina, June 21 to 23. Oxbow has guest dock berthing
for 12 boats. We should be able to accommodate any additional boats by
putting them into vacant slips at the marina. Please let me know if you would
prefer a covered berth as well.

C.I.Y.C. will be hosting a traditional Sam Martini spaghetti dinner Saturday
night. This dinner is open to all C.I.Y.C. members and will be hosted by the
club as a "Thank You" for continued support of the club. Oxbow's clubhouse
will be available for our use. They will also open the bar for our patronage.
Oxbow is a beautiful place with lots of lawns and green areas. There is a
small store, a borrow-a-bike program a really nice pool and even an on-site
Yacht Brokerage for anyone who wants to "go to the next level." There are
also lots of amenities provided by the marina.
Please let me know ASAP if you are going to attend. I need to know if you
are arriving Friday or Saturday. Please RSVP for dinner to Chip Maguire,
Let me know if you have any questions.
Dave Peck
Fleet Capt. C.I.Y.C.