Monday, July 22, 2013

It's all about safety!

ESD (Electric Shock Drowning)

Introduction by Diane Shoff

Over the years BoatUS’s magazine, Seaworthy, has published enormously helpful and informative articles based on boating. Boating safety, boat operation, trailering safety, how to prepare your boat for a hurricane; the list goes on and on. July’s Seaworthy has a detailed article discussing and explaining ESD and how to prevent it. If there is only one issue of Seaworthy or one issue of BoatUS Membership eLine News you decide to read let it be July’s edition. BoatUS also has an Electric Shock Drowning Resource Center online with the above referenced article as well as many others. Please take the time to read at least one of the available articles. It just might save your life.

C’Ya on the water


PICYA Directories

The PICYA directories are here and I will have them for sale for $5 on Sunday at Commodore's Island.  They come in handy when you are cruising and see a burgie you are not familiar with.  All the PICYA burgies are in the front so you can find out what club they belong to.  All the clubs are in alphabetical order and give membership information as well as information on the club and it's officers.  It also lists the boat names of members.  In the back of the directory is an alphabetical list of names of members belonging to any of the yacht clubs and what page you will find them on.
There are a limited number available so if you would like one please let me know and I'll make sure to save you one.  Have a great rest of the summer.  Hope to see you all at Commodore's Island.
Betty Griffith

General Meeting Info

Caliente Members,
October’s general annual membership meeting and dinner will be held at the Rusty Porthole Restaurant this year.  Please add October 19th to your already busy calendar.  We will hold our meeting on the Porthole’s covered deck at 4 PM and then we will have cocktails at 5 PM and dinner as a group at 6 PM.  Drive in, or cruise in, either way we will have a great time!  If you choose to cruise in, the Porthole will again be extending overnight docking free of charge for Friday and Saturday nights with the purchase of dinner each night.  We have room for a maximum of 14 boats.
Rumor has it  there will be a “Caliente Karaoke Challenge” on Saturday night after our group dinner.  That ought to be a spectacle.  During our Opening Day Celebration at the Porthole last April, Caliente had a number of members perform musical numbers at the microphone.  Mark Sechler did a rousing rendition of  Frank Sinatra’s “ New York, New York” complete with Fedora and, well, really dorky shorts.  Very entertaining.  Then Jo Daniels, Kimi Sechler and myself intrigued the crowd with our rather “unique” version of  the Supremes’  “Stop, In the Name of Love”.  Kimi tried to steal the show and caused a terrible cat fight during the performance. To my dismay, Jody Lyman caught the performance on her cell phone, sent it to my son, and now he isn’t sure he wants to be seen at the Porthole with me any longer.  Not a problem.  Thanks Jody. 
So, mark your calendars and plan on a wildly good time at the meeting…. I mean the dinner, at the Rusty Porthole. The meeting will be cool too.  Look for the reservation flyer in your email and on the club website in September!
Cheers, Marsha Hayes

Monday, July 15, 2013

Lil Toot!

Check out this picture of Glen Peck's boat - Lil Toot!!  This boat is awesome!

August Raft-Out to Mildred

Hello Cruisers
We have a raft-out scheduled for August 9 to 11.
We will be heading so the Southwest end of Mildred Island.
We went there a couple times last year, and it is a very nice spot.
Not too much wind, plenty of depth, and a good anchorage.
This will be a very open ended event. Everyone will be on their own
for meals (too hard to do a group thing out on the water.) We will do a
sunset dinghy/cocktail cruise, and of course all types of water activities.
Bring your floaties, noodles, beach balls, inner tubes, water wings, etc.
Chip will help me coordinate this event, however, he wont be able to make
it out until Friday afternoon. I may not be able to get out until Saturday morning.
I could really use an early center anchor boat. Someone we can raft off of.
We will be anchoring so PLEASE, make sure all of your ground tackle is ready
to deploy, and in good working order. As you come in, you will be told which
side of the raft-out to approach and what side to rig lines to. PLEASE comply
with the instructions you are given, As per usual, monitor CH68.
PLEASE be ready to put out your stern anchor. You HAVE to have one to raft up.
Also, please be aware that the raft-up will break up at noon on Sunday. No early
departures from the midle of the raft. If you need to depart early, you will need to
temporarily anchor until all the boats are in, and then tie at the end.
Please be prepared to help with retrieving anchors on Sunday it's not fair to
expect one or two people to do all the "heavy lifting."
Let me know if you would like to attend. Please let me know when you will be
arriving, FridaySaturday, A.M. or P.M. If you would like to plan an event or
activity, let Chip or I know.
Let me know if you have any questions. This will be a simple weekend on the water.
So plan on coming out and relaxing. Your generator will thank you for it.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Clean Boating Update!

New Oil and Fuel Pollution Prevention Boating Videos

California’s Boating Clean and Green Program provides tips on proper oil and fuel management to the state’s recreational boating community through two new instructional videos.

Videos include tips and tools to prevent oil and fuel discharges; how to report oil and chemical spills; how to properly dispose of used oil; environmental laws; and information on other clean and safe boating practices recommended for before, during and after fueling boats.

The educational videos are a great resource not only to boaters, but to boating marina and yacht club operators in their efforts of keeping their facilities clean. Please share these valuable resources by posting the videos on your websites. Videos may be viewed and downloaded at
(look for DBW TV on that page).

The Division of Boating and Waterways and the California Coastal Commission’s Boating Clean and Green Program developed the videos in partnership with the San Francisco Estuary Partnership, the Keep the Delta Clean Program and the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation. Staff developed the video content with assistance, review and support from a Technical Advisory Group comprised of members with the marine industry and boating associations (listed in the videos credits).

The videos were shot in October 2012 in Sacramento (Riverbank Marina) and in Oakland (Oakland Yacht Club and Marina Village Yacht Harbor).  During the fuel video shot, staff worked with Captain Tommy Holtzman (Boat Owner and US Coast Guard Auxiliary), his boat the “Shady Ladies” and his crew (John Derrick Jr. and Warren Golubski (Boaters and US Coast Guard Auxiliary) and Chloe Golubski, an adorable dog.  In the oil clean boating video, staff worked with Captains Robert J. & Susan Engelhart and their boat “Music.”

The Boating Clean and Green Program is an education and outreach program conducted through the Division of Boating and Waterways and California Coastal Commission. The program promotes environmentally-sound boating practices to marine businesses and boaters.

In order to watch the videos you can go directly to YouTube at:

Vivian Matuk
Environmental Boating Program Coordinator
California State Parks, Division of Boating & Waterways
California Coastal Commission
(415) 904-6905
Fax: (415) 904-5216
45 Fremont Street, Suite 1900
San Francisco, CA 94105

From Dave Peck

Hello Caliente Cruisers.
We just finished our respective July 4th adventures. I trust everyone had a
safe, fun, albeit HOT 4th of July. Well, recuperation time is over, time to start
thinking about our next extended weekend.
We will be going to the lovely Cruiser Haven Yacht Club at Commodore Island.
I have a lot of info to give you, so I am going to put it in bullet form.
Dates: August 30 to September 02.
Reservations: Space is limited on the island to 15 boats. Additional space is available
at King Island resort, a short dinghy ride away. Reservations will be accepted on a first come-
first served basis. You need to send me a check with your reservation. I cannot hold spots
without payment sorry :(  .
Cost: $25/night. Total of $75 for the weekend. For those of you who have not been there, we
have to stern in. It is a very narrow channel between the island and another small Tule island.
We have to stack up and pull in. Once there it is impossible to get out without moving everybody
beside you out first. So, you have to stay all three days. If you need to depart before Monday A.M.
you will need to make arrangements to stay at King Island. You can of course join in for
all activities.
Activities: Our hosts for this event are Curt and Marsha Hayes. Marsha will send out an itinerary
a week prior to the event. For now, we are planning pot-luck dinners, but something more "formal"
may be planned. If you would like to organize an activity or meal, let Marsha or I know. Marsha
will also send out the facilities rules as the date gets closer.
Gourmet Beer Tasting: No Charge, the members will supply the beer. Details to follow.
PLEASE: Send your checks/reservations to me at:
2284 Winchester Loop
Discovery Bay, CA 94505
Hope you can all make it.

From the Commodore

Caliente Isle Yacht Club had a successful cruise out to Ox Bow Marina on June 21st-23rd. Those boats who cruised on over to the Ox Bow guest dock had a wonderful time visiting, eating, and of course partying for two days. Marsha Fine had bargain basement prices on some of the Ships’ Store items on ‘Cuvee’, and many deals were made. The highlight of the weekend was a Spaghetti Feed but on for our traditional “Martini Day” otherwise known as “Founders Day”. Historically, the Martini’s or the Dufrane’s would cook and serve the members spaghetti dinner at the club. Since we no longer have our own club house, Ox Bow was kind enough to lend us theirs. As a thank you to our members, and to Ox Bow for hosting the party at their club house, Caliente Isle Yacht Club put on a free spaghetti dinner for both clubs’ members who chose to participate. Our Rear Commodore Chip Maguire had a great galley crew including Mark and Kim Sechler, Rob and Kim Scott, Bob and Kevin Graham, all who literally sweated bullets while cooking in the heat. It was quite hot in the club house, not to mention the galley. Many members helped out with hauling items (and people) in their cars back and forth from the guest dock to the club house. The meal turned out fantastic with both homemade regular and turkey meat balls. Ox Bow came up with a wild game in which we all got to make complete fools of ourselves trying to get as many people under the limbo pole in 10 minutes on a rolling thingamajig. You were allowed to put as many people on the thingamajig as possible and still make it under the limbo pole. Anyway, we lost in a hotly contested battle to Ox Bow Yacht Club. Personally, I think it was rigged with their skinny people against our not so skinny folk. But we had a great time anyway. Thanks to our friends at Ox Bow Yacht Club for coming up with such a fun game and hosting this event.

The Independence Day celebrations were well represented with CIYC boaters and their friends. Three separate raft ups of mostly Caliente members were present and accounted for at Mandeville for the traditional Hilton fireworks display. A few members braved the 100+ degree heat and traveled to Stockton Marina to catch the doings there. Still others, myself included, decided to stay in the docks where air conditioning was in constant use and cruise around to visit those at Mandeville. Other than myself becoming a second degree member of the Caliente Isle Precision Diving Team, and drowning yet another Iphone, I believe the fourth was relatively free of mishaps and accidents for our members.

July is traditionally ‘officers month off’ so other than an impromptu raft up or BBQ, the calendar is free for our members to enjoy the summer boating, gardening, camping, or just relaxing. August brings an anchor out at Mildred Island so have your anchors and lines at the ready.

See ya on the water.

Diane Shoff

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Glenn Scrimger Go Fast Cruise

Hello Caliente.
It's July 4th weekend, hope everybody has a fun and safe 4th. Happy Birthday America!!!!!
Al & Nancy Laughlin are working on the details for the upcoming Glenn Scrimger Go Fast Cruise.
This is the information you need to know.
Date: August 24th
Time: 11:00-ish
Place: Meet at Sugar Barge for a beverage and further instructions.
This will not be a Poker Run. Just a chance to get together and run our small boats. Let me know if you will be attending and if you have space for riders, or if you need a ride. We will be visiting some iconic Delta Destinations (for those of you who do not speak fluent River-Rat, that means Dive Bar.)
That's it for now. If I told you more I would have to kill you later.

So enjoy the 4th and let me know if you are in.