Tuesday, September 10, 2013

From the Commodore

Well August has come and gone and Caliente Isle Yacht Club had a pretty full month of
events. With a “Past Commodore’s” cruise out to Mildred with 11 boats for a full raft up,
and the “Glenn Scrimger Memorial” annual fast boat cruise with over 29 participants at
the final stop, to the Labor Day Cruise out to Commodore’s Island. Just about everyone
participated in at least one event. The “Past Commodore’s” cruise was written up by our
part time cruise director and Rear Commodore Chip Maguire who did a fantastic job of
coordinating the cruise(see previous blog). Al and Nancy Laughlin once again organized
and led the fast boat cruise to several destinations on the delta including Sugar Barge,
Moore’s River Boat, and Spindrift for lunch. As an added surprise we ended up at some
of our newest member’s marina, Sacramento Delta BayMarina, which is just
downstream of Spindrift, where they graciously gave us some extra refreshments. It was
nice visiting their digs and getting to know them a little better. Roger Roelle wowed us
with his expertise in navigating his boat into his slip with the wind howling and the
current running. Ramming speed and he didn’t even touch the sides of his slip!
For our Labor Day event, Curt and Marsha Hayes sponsored, organized, and ran the
cruise out to Commodore’s Island which is owned by Cruiser Haven Yacht Club. The
Hayes, being members of both CIYC and CHYC, once again out did themselves planning
and running the many pot lucks and special events during the long weekend. Gary and
Janice Page graciously allowed ‘the girls’ on their boat for ‘girlie drinks’ on both
Saturday and Sunday evenings. From the sound of things, they had a spectacular time. A
couple of poker games were held for the guys and gals who prefer to bet their money at
games of chance. Colette Curtis-Brown and family once again took those fearless souls
who dared on their 3 person tube behind their jet ski. I often wonder what people think
when they see 3 old ladies laughing hysterically being pulled behind a jet ski. But, the
highlight of the weekend was the “jungle cruise” where Joel Panzer lent his dinghy to
pulling a bunch of fun loving ‘deltoids’ in various floating platforms around the area. The
‘schwan’ had to have been the most unique floaty and the costumes went from different
types of hats to full blown ‘fairy’ costumes. There were at least 20 people or more who
participated in this hopefully annual event. It was quite a site. Needless to say, we got a
lot of double takes and a lot of people were seen taking pictures of us nut cases. Once
again, thanks to the Hayes for putting on such a wonderful cruise out.
Next up is an anchor out to “Three River Reach’ hosted by the Lymans. If you missed the
Mildred island trip, please consider joining us for a fun time out on the water. There is
nothing quite like spending the night on the hook with all the stars shining above. Details
will follow. At the end of the mon