Sunday, November 3, 2013

From Ted Lyman

CIYC had its 2013 General Meeting at the Rusty Porthole on Saturday October 19th. We had

10 boats cruise in and nearly 50 people at the meeting and dinner. Thanks to Marsha and Curt

Hayes for planning all of this. I won't go into much detail about the meeting itself other than

to say that the membership approved the full slate of officers offered for 2014. Everybody

seems very happy to see Michael Christopher stepping into the all-important Rear Commodore

position securing strong club leadership through 2016.

One event that happened on the docks on Sunday morning is shown in the photo. Many of you

will remember the small plaque that hung on the clubhouse wall with Vince "Red" Martini's

picture and some very nice words inscribed about the key role he made in supporting his

brother Sam's efforts to build Caliente Harbor and clubhouse. Red was everyone's friend. He

died in 1987, but that plaque hung on the wall until we left the clubhouse a couple of years

ago. We knew that Red's son Bobby lived on Bethel Island so I called him and asked if he could

come to the Rusty Porthole so we could pass something along. He was extremely happy to be

given the plaque because it might well have been the last picture taken of his dad.

Bobby and Frankie Martini, the senior Martini's boys, were as involved in building that

clubhouse as anyone. Bobby was something like 8 when he started carrying materials and

helping out. He remembers most weekends running around the island and generally helping

out. Bob was really moved to receive the gift and the memories that it brought back from his

time working with his dad and uncle to build up Caliente Isle Yacht Club.

Ted Lyman

From the Commodore

September and October have been very busy months for Caliente Isle Yacht Club Cruisers. Ted and Jo Anne Lyman hosted a raft up at one of our old favorite haunts, Three River Reach. The weather was perfect and the water was still warm at 71 degrees so we could still cool off by jumping in and swimming around. It was a small, 5 boat raft up but we all had a great deal of fun. It was a fitting end for the warm waters of summer which soon gave in to the cooler fall temperatures.

Our annual Down Bay trip was attended by smaller numbers than normal due to the 34th America’s Cup being held in San Francisco Bay. It was impossible to get reservations in and around San Francisco for a large fleet, so many of our members made single reservations at various marinas in order to see and experience the America’s Cup races and events. Those who attended the Down Bay Cruise had a great time, although the weather didn’t cooperate for a planned trip to Bodega Bay, while those who attended the America’s Cup races got to see the most unbelievable come back in sports history, with Oracle Team USA having to win 8 races in a row to retain the cup. Hopefully, we will see the 35th defense of the cup return to San Francisco. The 2014 schedule for Down Bay is coming together nicely with further details coming soon.

Our second trip to Rusty Porthole was held mid October, with eleven boats showing up for the cruise out. Not bad for a Fall cruise. The weather was beautiful, much like Indian summer; we had a great time visiting on the docks and on our boats for the weekend. I imagine this was the last cruise out for many of us this year. CIYC held our General Membership meeting and voted in our new Board of Directors. If you missed this meeting, come to the Change of Watch event in December! We had close to 50 diners on Saturday night. The Rusty Porthole once again outdid themselves with great food, served in a timely manner, hot off the grill. The RP doesn’t charge docking fees as long as we eat dinner in the restaurant. Their breakfasts are great too and many of us ate at least two meals per day with them. I can hardly wait for April/May so we can come back again.

This past weekend Discovery Bay Yacht Club hosted their Halloween Party. CIYC was one of two yacht clubs that cruised in to celebrate this annual costume party. We had a respectable number of members who drove in while a few of us cruised in for the party. The costumes were amazing. The food was good and the party atmosphere with the ‘Spin Doctor’ encouraging the party goers to ‘get on up’ and get dancing was unbelievable. There was literally standing room only for most of the night. Seems like it must have been one of DBYC’s signature events held in 2013.

The next event will be Change of Watch held at the Boardwalk Bar and Grill in Discovery Bay. Rear Commodore Chip Maguire has set up a good menu at a great price. There will be a Membership Meeting to go over items that you may have missed at the October General Meeting at the Rusty Porthole. Stay tuned for further details.

C’Ya on the water
Diane Shoff