Friday, March 14, 2014

From the Membership Director

We had a wonderful time last weekend at Driftwood Harbor.  Colette and Joel did a fantastic job of planning the festivities including a Friday night dinner at Bridge Marina YC which was excellent.  Steve and Bonnie were very hospitable and made sure we were able to use the deck and clubhouse at Driftwood for our board meeting and potluck on Saturday
Unfortunately we heard some sad news though.  Our old friend and former CIYC member, Al Laughlin, has stage four cancer.  Ted said he saw Al recently and that he is going through treatments.  He also said Al looks good and still has his old sense of humor.  He even has some new jokes, probably learned at the hospital.  This has got to be a difficult time for Al and Nancy and their family so please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Betty Griffith

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Boat Talk

Boat Talk
David Oates

DIY and AIS Part 4,

Well I know it has been a long time since I sent Part 3, but I have been busy with other things.    OK, that’s the way I started Part 3, but it’s true.

Adventure is now berthed in the Antioch Marina (that is a municipal marina – owned and operated by the City of Antioch.  No, PG&E does not wash my boat.  Nor do they wash anyone’s boat any longer – so I’m told (Joule & Colette, how about where you keep Dream Catcher?).  Antioch Marina is at least a mile from any stacks that would or used to spew out dirty stuff.  This marina is a bit closer to my home in San Jose than was Cruiser Haven and the water is deep.  It is still a long drive and I plan my trips accordingly.

The AIS project…  I completed (I thought) the wiring.  So, during the 2013 Down Bay cruise, I turned everything ON.  The screen lit up and stated that it wasn’t receiving a signal from the GPS -- or was it the AIS?  Whatever, apparently I need to trouble-shoot my connections and maybe get back to a discussion with the manufactures – they gave me the connection information.  As I was attempting to cruise to Bodega Harbor – a trip we had to cancel because of poor sea conditions – I didn’t work on the problem.  Nor have I since.  After berthing Adventure for the winter, and repairing a sewer/holding tank leak, the 30 year-old Norcold refrigerator quit!

After some research I found that Norcold changed to a Danfoss compressor, manufactured in Germany, and that I was sure to get said compressor if I purchase any time after 2011.  For economy and ease of installation I went with the Norcold.  Most of the evaluations supplied by former and current Norcold users involved noisy operation and that was supposed to be a problem with the old compressor.  I haven’t quite turned mine on yet, because I am replacing thru-haul fittings, replacing the holding-tank vent and adding a vent filter, all of which are behind the refrigerator when it is in place.

Of course, as if that is not enough, the house water pressure pump has quit again.  The replacement is lying there near the broken one and will have to wait until after the refrigerator installation.  While at the berth, I can use shore water as I have been.

Well, there is at least a couple days of work before I can get back to the AIS and the long list of other project that I have started and not finished.

David Oates.

2014 Commodore's Ball a Blast!

2014 Commodore's Ball a Blast!
Eight Bells for Two Members of Long Standing

February 15th saw Commodore Jo Daniels putting on a mighty fine Ball for outgoing Commodore Diane Shoff at Carpaccios Restaurant in downtown Oakley.  This new restaurant provided a very nice venue for dinner and dancing for 50 or so members and their guests, all of whom enjoyed a multi-course buffet dinner, a short program of announcements and then dancing to the sounds of the Max Cruise band. 

The program began with Commodore Daniels introducing a slew of Past Commodores including two who are no longer with the club but wanting to stay in touch. Marlene Burke was Commodore in 1983 and is living in retirement in Mariposa.  She enjoyed herself so much she is going to join us for the Bridge Marina YC cruise out on March 28-30 hoping to catch up with Past Commodores Bob and Charlene Pearce and other CIYC old timers.  Jo also introduced Steve and Lori Ramirez.  Steve was Commodore in 1990 and remains in touch with many club members but who's weekend work schedule prevents his active involvement in club boating. In all there were 11 CIYC Past Commodores as well as David Oates, Past Commodore of Sequoia YC in the distant past.

There was a solemn moment at this point when yours truly offered a traditional Eight Bells ceremony for two recently departed members of long standing.  Past Commodore Bill Bennett passed away peacefully two weeks ago at home in Washington state. Bill served the club in this position in 1996 after going up the chairs.  He was remembered by many for his very active interest in fund raising and club philanthropy.  Michael Christopher remembered Bill's very cool  opening day parade decorated boat debacle, where he nearly died from carbon monoxide poisoning inside of a duck.  We also noted the passing of long time club member Joe Higgins in 2013.  Joe and Helen  Higgins joined CIYC in 1968 and have been Lifetime Members since 2005.  Joe was remembered by Jackie Maguire and others for Joe's outstanding Halloween costumes, especially his Jack-in-the-Box outfit which had him wearing a decorated basketball on his head.  Imagine... Joes' life was remarkable as well for his work on the atomic bomb at the New Mexico test site as a very young engineer/technician and his skills working on their wood boat Macushla.  He put a new bottom on it at age 80-something working on his back.  Bill and Joe --  here's to fair winds and following seas on your final voyage.

The program came to an end with outgoing Commodore Shoff announcing the winners of the club's perpetual awards. The Order of the 11th Board went to Rosalie and Jack DeBartolo whose publishing skills were once again on display as the 2014 club Directory came together (watch the mail for that). The Commodore's Award went to Joel and Colette Curtis-Brown in recognition for their over the top support of all things Caliente. Finally, the Founders Award went to Curt and Marsha Hayes for their tireless efforts to make CIYC's cruise outs a time of terrific fun and fine parties.  Curt and Marsha are the first members to be twice honored with this award.

Check out for more photos of this fine event.

Ted Lyman