Saturday, April 19, 2014

Delta Yacht Club Cruise Out

Delta Yacht Club Cruise Out

Sorry for the delayed update on this early April event, but the Happy Clowns departed on a long-planned cruise through the Panama Canal shortly after the cruise out wrapped up, arriving back just a few days ago.  If you haven’t seen the canal, you might want to put it on your bucket list as I did. Years in the making, very advanced civil engineering for the time and something like 30,000 deaths during construction (the earlier French effort ran into Yellow Fever, the US effort lost men blowing things up—something we are apparently pretty good at.)

Back to the DYC cruise out—rain threatened for days ahead of our planned cruise.  We had several touch and go moments before announcing that the cruise was a “go” on Wednesday night.  While we lost 3 boats that had signed up, well over a dozen boats made the trip even with threatening conditions.  These stalwarts were rewarded with but half a day of rain over the 3-day event.  

Friday saw an afternoon of dock talk, general catching up and island roaming. We spent time with the Delta guys who were trying to figure out and fix an island-wide power outage affecting mostly the bathrooms.  We had a terrific happy hour on the club’s patio as the DYC’s  three “minders” opened the bar (discounted prices because of the electrical problems.)  All three were great guys.  Kimmie put on the first of two masterful and fun events that afternoon.  Mars vs. Venus--guys vs. gals-- games which weren’t even close. How do they do that stuff so fast, and well? Friday wrapped up with a Mexican themed pot luck dinner and long-running poker game.

Saturday dawned with a threat of rain but Jack DiBartolo got in his golf game. Plenty of players, lots of stiff competition and a few winners.  All I remember is that I won for some feat of luck.  Then it rained, and rained and rained some more.  We were all comfortable in the clubhouse around a roaring fire so nothing lost nor did we forgo the obligatory afternoon hors d'oeuvres and happy hour.  The Oates’ Adventure departed in the afternoon for a planned event at Sequoia Yacht Club just before  the Scott’s Hurricane II arrived with four family members, two of which being dogs.  Dinner main courses were cooked on the BBQ’s, made possible by standing under cover but the rain ended about then not to return.

Kim’s topper was a high tech, PowerPoint-enabled history quiz featuring Delta Lore and Caliente Characters.  Everybody was given a clicker to be used to answer questions like changing a TV channel. First to answer correctly and most correct answers took the win. Who won? Rosie DiBartolo’s brother-in law from So Cal.  How’d he do that?

Perhaps the most coveted prizes were vintage 4th of July tee shirts, boxes of the same still remaining in our tee shirt warehouse.  To make them even more coveted, each was personally autographed by lots of Past Commodores.  We will see if they ever appear again.

Sunday started with a breakfast pot luck and was bright and sunny with no threatening wind making the return trip to home bases an easy one.  We have already signed up for this venue in 2015, hopefully a couple of weeks later just before Easter.

Hope to see you all at the Stockton Asparagus Festival on April 25-27, Rusty Porthole on May 9-11 and then Willow Berm over the long Memorial Day weekend of May 23-26.

Ted Lyman