Monday, June 23, 2014

Go-Fast - Save the date! Saturday August 2nd

August 2nd!!

Please save that date.  The annual Glenn C, Scrimger Mystery Go Fast Poker Run will take place.  I will let you know the details shortly after the July 4th week.  So make sure your go fast is running well.  It should be a fun time.

Also, I have the PICYA directories.  We are charging $5 for non board members.  They are a good thing to have while cruising the Delta.  If you see a boat or a fleet with a burgie you don't recognize you can look it up and see which club they belong to.  Please let me know if you would like one

Monday, June 16, 2014

Caliente Cruising … Driftwood Marina / Ebony YC - June 6 – 8, 2014

5 Caliente boats made the journey this weekend, encountering 30+ mph winds for our June cruise event to visit Ebony YC and partake in their “Jazz Fest”.


Steve (Stevara) from Willow Berm, Ted & Jo Anne (Happy Clown) from Willow West, and 3 boats from Discovery Bay – Delta Nut (Red &Betty/Mike & Commodore Jo), Equal Justice (myself and Rosalie) and Tumbling Dice (Bob & Carolyn).  Nothing as invigorating as boating through white caps on our delta waterways.  Reminded me of my Bay boating days.  Ask Carolyn about their bow spray reaching her and Bob up on the flybridge!


Most of us had assistance at the Driftwood docks, and by 1:30PM on Friday, we were all safe and secure for the weekend.  Bring on the food and (Jo Anne’s) gin fizzes!  Our appetizer food fest took place on the spacious, cool, covered floaty dock at Driftwood.  Besides the 11 of us who came in by boat, we were joined by 8 other CIYC members - Colette and Joel, Steve Flowers and Bonnie, Chip, Phil, Terry Leavitt, Joel Panzer and – a guest … Susan Jacqueline/Commodore of Encinal YC.  An impressive CIYC turnout.  Did we behave?  Maybe.


Driftwood is a great destination marina.  Many thanks to our CIYC members who reside there and who made our stay very enjoyable – Steve, Bonnie, Terry.


But wait … what about the Jazz Fest at Ebony YC?  Thanks to our members who shuttled us back and forth Friday, Saturday and Sunday – Colette/Joel, Mike/Jo and Bob/Carolyn.


On Friday night we met our fellow Ebony YC boaters at their clubhouse for a spaghetti dinner, and generous pours at the bar.  Their members made us feel very welcome.


Saturday, we headed to Ebony YC with chairs in tow.  Bill and Sue Ritter joined us – and we found a nice grassy spot under a large shade tree.  CIYC’s presence was known.  We were entertained by a 15 piece Big Band jazz ensemble, and the event included complimentary wine tasting, cheese and crackers.  (Actually the wine tasting turned into wine drinking – glasses filled to the top!)  For dinner Ebony spoiled us with tasty Bar-B-Q ribs, chicken and hot links.  Desert - a homemade peach cobbler.  (Getting hungry?)  Lots of fun and a very relaxing afternoon. 


Sunday morning we were shuttled back to Ebony YC for a Southern Style breakfast.  Biscuits and gravy, sausage, grits, fresh fruit and scrambled eggs.  Eat, drink and be merry – If you were at this event, then you can relate to this slogan.


I think it was about 11am on Sunday when we started peeling off the Driftwood dock to head back to our home ports.  The winds died down, tides high and giving us a push, and the heat was cranking up.  Another successful CIYC cruise-out.  Caliente is alive and doing well.  Take advantage of your membership and your boat … CRUISE!


Special thanks to Colette and Joel for coordinating and managing the Ebony YC/Driftwood Cruise-out, and for shuttling us.


A “10” event weekend in my book.  (Look out for Jo Anne’s pics.)


Jack DiBartolo

CIYC Commodore 2007

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Update from the Commodore

Update First Half of 2014 A Big Success, Second Half Looking Even Better

I would like to correct the fact that I did not mention our wonderful upcoming cruise out Labor Day weekend to Commodore’s Island. You really don’t want to miss this one


Jo Daniels

Commodore 2014

Thursday, June 12, 2014

From the Commodore

First Half of 2014 A Big Success, Second Half Looking Even Better

Here we are already at mid-year.  Caliente’s Cruisers have seen monthly events come and go since the first of the year. We began our activities at Ox Bow YC’s Crab Feed, progressed to the February Commodore’s Ball, then a weekend cruise out to Driftwood Marina/Bridge Marina YC.  A few weeks later we were enjoying a fun but rainy weekend at Delta YC’s terrific private island.  In late April we were on the docks at the Stockton Asparagus Festival.  Next up was the club’s traditional May Opening Day at the Rusty Porthole.  For a change of pace, many of us gathered for a day at the races at Golden Gate Fields in mid-May. Over the long Memorial Day Weekend we were at Willow Berm Marina where we were joined by our newest members, Tami and Kevin Barich. Completing the first half of 2014 we just had a nice weekend at Driftwood Marina enjoying  a fine time at Ebony YC’s Wine and Jazz Festival.  In total, these 9 events saw most of CIYC’s 40 family members participating in some way—most on their boats and others driving to an event to enjoy the fun.

Looking forward, in a few weeks we start with the 4th of July activities.  We traditionally don’t plan these festivities because of the huge logistics issues presented by the large numbers of members wanting to get into the fun on this, the biggest event of the summer.  Most club members find their way to Mandeville Tip for Hilton’s Fireworks.  There will surely be many gatherings of club members at the ends of the handful of small tie ups. Some will get together via wave runners, others in dinghies and others might just swim to the parties.  In August we will have the first of our Two Past Commodore Anchor Outs.  The August event will most likely be at Three River Reach (final plans after surveying the grass situation) and the second in September probably at Mildred Island.  Keep your eye out for emailed announcements on these activities.

In October, we will embark on the club’s annual Down Bay Cruise. This event will be a week-long event taking us to some of the coolest spots on the Bay to include watching the Blue Angels perform during Fleet Week from the best vantage point in the Bay, the docks of Treasure Island.  Finally we will have a November cruise out, probably the last of the year, to Stockton YC on the Calaveras River. This will be a return to a traditional CIYC cruise out destination, this time in the cooler temperatures of the Fall.

So, it has been quite an active year.  You can look forward to the emailed announcements of all of the upcoming events.  They should be as fun as all that we’ve seen so far this year.  See you on the water!

Jo Daniels

Commodore 2014

Thursday, June 5, 2014

We have a writer in our midst!

Exciting news - Glenn Peck has published a novel!  Here's a message from him with more information.  This will be available in 3 days via the publishers below, and it's written under the name 'G. Curtiss Peck'.  I'm looking forward to reading this!

My dearest friends and fellow sailors, I write to you with good tidings and fresh news. My first novel, Terror in Red White and Blue has been published on Amazon books, and Kindle.

This took me years to write and then I really just let it be. Then I was talking with my sister a couple of months ago and she told me about her first book being published on Amazon and said she would help me publish mine. We did it together on Getting the book formatted, cover design, editing and ready to be accepted, a month.

If you want a roller-coaster ride filled with action, deceit, romance, torrid sex, and a diabolical fast paced adventure on a rocket ride, buy it, you'll like it.


Information about Alzheimer's and the new Brain Health Registry

Dear  Friends,


We, JJ, Michelle and I, had such a wonderful time Memorial Day week end at Willow Berm. It was a special time and we all want to take some special memories away with us. Unfortunately, not everyone who was with us will remember the good times we had. Thank you for letting me take a few minutes to share my interest in Alzheimer's and the New


Now we know that another in our CIYC Family has a neurological disease. The family will have a personal struggle to adapt to the changes that will come. Memory loss  and personality changes may just be a beginning. Perhaps you have close or distant family or friends who are challenged by a dementia disease? It is always hard to know what to do to help them. I thought I would share this list with you. 


You can help. Most of all, caregivers need your love and support. Remember when these diseases strike they damage they take a toll on the whole family. In 50% of all cases the caregivers die before the patients. Please...keep this list handy so you can help.            


Love & Strength