Monday, September 8, 2014

Commodore’s Report of Cruise out to Commodore Island

What a great cruise out to Commodore’s Island for Labor Day. We filled the place up with 17 boats
cruising in for the weekend. Boater’s began arriving around 10am on Friday and stayed the duration
until 10am or later on Monday, Labor Day. For those of you who don’t know about Commodore’s Island,it is a small island across from King’s Island on Disappointment Slough near Tinsley Island. The island belongs to the members of Cruiser Haven Yacht Club (no longer associated with the infamous Cruiser Haven Marina). Normally, all holiday weekends are reserved for the members of their club. But, for the last several years, CIYC has had the good fortune to be invited to stay on the island for Labor Day. There is always adequate power on the docks so no one has to do without air conditioning or heating if required. There is ample space on the island for numerous tables required during group meals and a large BBQ for grilling. We had numerous games being played at any given time; dominoes, poker, 31, ball toss and more. Of course, we had appetizers galore and side dishes to share for the group dinners.

The highlights of the weekend were the annual ‘jungle cruise’ of floaties around the area and Saturday night’s BBQ chicken cooked by our own Rear Commodore, Michael Christopher. This year we decided to give Curt and Marsha Hayes a break and handle some of the chores associated with the weekend with our volunteers. I see no reason why this tradition shouldn’t continue should we be invited back next year (we hope). This cruise to Commodores’ Island has rapidly become one of the best events each year for us at CIYC.

Our Commodore, Jo Daniels, is away visiting out of state for the month of September. I have been asked to take over the day to day responsibilities for the month in her absence. If anyone should have any pressing business for her to address, please call or email me instead and I will get the message to her, if necessary. Jo would also like to give a great big ‘thank you’ to all of you who volunteered for island duties over Labor Day. Thanks to Curt and Marsha Hayes who weren’t only our hosts for the weekend, but Curt arranged and oversaw the docking and Marsha came up with some fabulous drinks to go along with the appetizer spreads. On Friday she hosted a complimentary welcome party with Rum Punch and Sunday was complimentary Sangria. Thanks to Joel “Pappy” Panzer and Mark Sechler for towing us all around the area on our floaties. The jungle cruise had so many participants, 13 and 11, that we had to have two separate cruises this year. Every evening, our cleanup crew came through and made sure the common areas were in order and all items were picked up. Thanks to David and Helen Oates, Joel and Colette Curtis-Brown, Kim and Mark Sechler, Dave & Sherry Peck, and anyone else I may have forgotten.

The BBQ chicken dinner on Saturday was delicious and the chicken was ‘perfect’! Thanks to Michael Christopher and Vern Green for schlepping and cooking all the chicken this year. Each evening all the trash was gathered up and first am the ‘scurvy scow’ cruised over to King Island to deposit the relics of the previous day’s festivities. Thanks to Diane Shoff and especially Dave Peck for the hauling of the garbage up to the dumpsters at King Island. All in all, it was a trouble and accident free weekend! Thanks again to everyone!

Next up, anchor out at Mildred Island. Hope to see you there!

Diane Shoff
Staff Commodore, CIYC

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Coastal Cleanup Day!


California Coastal Cleanup Day, an annual beach and inland waterway cleanup, is the state's largest volunteer event. In 2012, over 65,544 volunteers removed more than 769,607 pounds of trash and recyclables from our beaches, lakes, and waterways. When combined with the International Coastal Cleanup, organized by Ocean Conservancy and taking place on the same day, California Coastal Cleanup Day becomes part of one of the largest volunteer events in the world.  

Date and locations: September 20, 9:00 a.m.-noon; various water sites

for more information go to