Sunday, November 16, 2014

From the Staff Commodore


Caliente Isle Yacht club ‘cruised in’ to Driftwood Marina to celebrate Halloween at Bridge Marina Yacht Club. Many members came by land yacht while three boats braved the expected rain showers and voluminous amounts of water hyacinths floating throughout the San Joaquin river and its estuaries and cruised over from their respective harbors. Driftwood Marina kindly allowed us to use their docks for overnight stays in order to attend the Halloween party ‘next door’. CIYC had about 20 members who ate dinner at Bridge, while some came after dinner to party till after midnight. Once again, Bridge Marina Yacht Club had a great dinner, reasonably priced, with the additional hors d’ouevre before dinner to fill us all up to the tippy top. Of course, many of us were watching the Giant’s win at home in the 4th game of the World Series while others spent the time visiting friends and meeting new people before dinner at the BMYC bar. We saw some old friends from
Riverview Yacht Club who also attended BMYC’s Halloween bash. Most attendees wore costumes with many wench and pirate themed attire. All in all, it was a great party for our annual Halloween event. Thanks to BMYC, Driftwood Marina, Steve Flowers, and Colette Curtis-Brown for arranging the evening. Please join CIYC at Stockton Yacht Club for our next event November 7th thru 9th. Details for the upcoming Christmas party at the Grahams will be coming soon.

Diane Shoff
Staff Commodore, CIYC

Boat Talk - DIY AIS Part 5 by David Oates

Boat Talk

David Oates


DIY AIS Part 5,


Hi Caliente YC’ers, you probably gave up on me and my AIS project.  Well, I’m back -- kinda!  I am out on the road at this writing, so I can’t look up the last installment but I believe I left off by saying I turned on the system and it didn’t work.  The screen (the AISWatchMate) was stating that it was not receiving anything from the AIS (Sitex).  That’s still true, but now I know what to do to remedy the situation.  Let me back up a minute.


I have purchased new equipment for navigation and safety.  I decided to have a professional install the equipment so the job would actually get completed.  Steve Walker of Star Marine Electronics met me at Adventure and did the job.  A new HD Raydome, Multi Function Display (MFD), transducer, VHF with DSC and remote and a backup camera are installed and working. 


Now, my Sitex AIS has both NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000.  I asked Steve if I could simply connect the (then unused) NMEA 2000 to my Raymarine MFD.  “Sure” he replied and he obtained the proper cable and the connection was made.  Now, in deed, my AIS works.  I can see the information over-laying my chart on the Raymarine MFD.  But wait, there’s more.  The WatchMate display still does not display the AIS information; however, Steve figured out what is needed and showed me what to do to complete the project.  For some reason, the WatchMate is not getting the Lat – Lon information from the GPS that is built inside the Sitex AIS.  I need to supply the NMEA information from some other GPS.  It just so happens that the new VHF is just a foot away and Steve pulled down a multiconductor cable and identified the two wires to which I need to connect the WatchMate.  Steve identified the wire colors and I will make the connection when I get back to Adventure. 


However, getting back to Adventure is going to take a while.  Helen and I are presently searching for a new home in northwest Washington.  We will be in the SF area for Thanksgiving Day week and again in another couple weeks after that, but I doubt that I will get to work on my boat.  I haven’t been able to get the pictures from my iPad because the browser and other apps there insist that I am not connected to the Wifi, yet the setup clearly shows that I am.  Even the NETGEAR admin site shows the iPad connected, but no go!


So sometime in 2015 I’ll get back to work on the boat – at least for a week or so.  If I get the system finished, I’ll let you know.


David Oates.