Sunday, January 11, 2015

Rusty Porthole Gets a New Door

Why would this factoid be blog worthy?  Because it was recently built and installed by CIYC’s own Glenn Peck.  It seems that the old door was done—as in worn out by uncountable swings by innumerable customers many in an unquestioned state of inebriation.  So the owners of this iconic bar and restaurant on Bethel Island contacted the area’s best known custom woodworker and ordered up a new one.
Glenn knew that the new door had to fit the place, not only in terms of dimensions but to match the ambiance of one of the few true Delta dives still operating, albeit one with remarkably terrific food. He started with material given to him by CIYC’s Lifetime Member, Scott Beiswanger.   Several planks of thick and very old heart redwood were fashioned together with cleats making for a massive structure.  The new hinges had to be sturdy to take the abuse given to the door of any proper Delta bar.  They also couldn’t look like the just came off the shelf at Ace Hardware so he treated them with acids to make for a rusty look.  The door needed a sizeable porthole (for obvious reasons) which Glenn apparently found some time ago on the side of a nearby road. That went on the inside.  For the outside he fashioned out of metal another opening, this one with classy bars over it (also for obvious reasons.) 
The door got installed in time for the Rusty Porthole’s long-running Frozen Bun Run water ski event this past New Year’s Day.  By trusted accounts there were some 3,000 people on hand for the event arriving in cars and motorcycles from far and wide. The new door was well tested with as many swings as you might imagine.  As an event well known for plenty of adult beverages it is most likely that more than a few of those swings were “with purpose.”  Glenn reports that the door still hangs and moves as designed.
Apart from fair compensation, Glenn’s ad for his custom woodworking business now appears prominently on a display screen over the bar.  I trust that more than a few of you will soon see it in person.
Ted Lyman
PS  There are a number of boats planning to cruise up to Marina West YC at Tower Park for their crab feed on January 31 to make for a weekend of winter fun on the water.  Others will be driving in. Bring your electric blanket.  The more folks (and blankets) the merrier.