Saturday, February 21, 2015

Crab Feed a Huge Success!!

What a great weekend for all you can eat crab! Most of us remember the wonderful crab feed dinners CIYC hosted at our clubhouse each February. Since that option is no longer available tous, we have resorted to shamelessly searching out Delta Yacht Clubs that can satisfy our longing for the Pacific Ocean treat; Dungeness crab, there’s nothing like it! For the past several years,  CIYC has cruised out either by boat or land yacht, to different venues were we can get the sweet delicacy we all crave. This year was no exception. Once again for the 3rd year in a row, the weather Gods had blessed us with fabulous spring time weather in January, shorts weather for sure. Five boats cruised over to Tower Park Marina for Marina West Yacht Clubs annual  crab feed. CIYC had a very respectable showing for a ‘winter cruise’ with 34 people enjoying crab and pasta on Saturday night, Super Bowl Eve. One great advantage of MWYCs’ location is you can come by boat or by land yacht and stay on the docks, at a cabin, or in the KOA RV park all right there at Tower Park. CIYC members took advantage of all 3 options.

Marina West Yacht Club opened the bar for us on Friday night so we could visit and enjoy the quiet of the delta in winter. MWYC did a fantastic job on the dinner Saturday night accomodating a very large dinner crowd. They attempted to keep the dining room warm with various heaters strategically placed throughout, although I heard that some people were still pretty cold near the open doors. Members of Ox Bow Yacht Club and Sea Ray Boat Club were in attendance along with CIYC. The main course, Dungeness crab, was served quickly and with a distinctive marinade of garlic and oil. The crab was cleaned and cracked extremely well. Although the crab was served cold, most people really enjoyed the dinner. I wonder if it is possible to warm some of the crab for those that really prefer it hot before serving, and I for one, would return next year, if invited back to MWYC. They are an extremely warm and friendly group of people and we all enjoyed their hospitality. Thanks to Marina West Yacht Club!

Diane Shoff

Past Commodore, CIYC