Friday, April 3, 2015

Delta Yacht Club

Summer in the First Day of Spring!

Fourteen Caliente cruising boats found their way to this island retreat last
weekend, two for just a day visit. Twenty four club members showed up for the
event and six more came for the day.  Everyone was happy to see, direct from
their new home in Puget Sound, David and Helen Oates who arrived on their still Antioch-based Adventure. 

Wherever you were in the Bay Area that weekend, you would have experienced
temps in the 80's.  It was warm enough that we saw at least one person in the
club's swimming pool and many others basically soaking up the sun and trying to put some color in end-of-winter and seriously-colorless-skin.

Almost all boats arrived by cocktail hour on Friday.  We were hosted by two
members from Delta YC, both of whom were named Gary, and the club caretaker of 29 years, Moises.  Having two Garys with us was causing some confusion so we nicknamed them Gary One and Gary Two.  Some referred to them as G-squared, causing even more confusion.  They took it all in stride and took good care of us keeping the bar open morning, noon and night. The drinks were cheap and good (Ketel One vodka was in the well.)

Friday night was spent hanging out in the clubhouse as well as on the patio near the bar.  It was an Italian Night for dinner with everyone bringing some kind of pasta or related dish or dessert -- not a green salad in sight! Conversations were going on all around as club members caught up with each other's winter stories. 

After boating in from afar--Discovery Bay, Bethel Island, Cruiser Haven, Willow Berm and assorted marinas--and spending time in dock talk and banter wherever small groups congregated, most were in their bunks by midnight.  We also celebrated the two times 39 birthday of Mike Daniels and an unknown number for Vernon Green.  Jo provided carrot cake and champagne for the occasion.

Saturday morning saw some unwelcome wind, scattering leaves and junk all over  our recently washed boats. A delicious pot luck breakfast took place in the clubhouse and when it was done, the wind had slowed in time for Jack DiBartolo's third annual golf game on the club's 9-hole course. How would you describe this game?  First, you wouldn't find it in any golf book.  It involved teams of two, each with 4 balls and one club (except two teams got but two balls.)  The idea was to circle the course with each team scoring the lowest shots to the pin.  Then the two lowest scoring teams had a one ball shoot out to one pin--closest wins.  Still with me?  It all seemed to work out and the big winners were David Oates and Gary Page, with Jack and Vern coming in second.  Prizes included  the coveted Mandeville 4th of July tee shirts from 2002 signed by 10 CIYC Past Commodores. I think one shirt was left behind.  Mid-tournament, Phil Calderoni arrived and was on the course within minutes of touching the dock.  Arriving around the same time was the Ed Easley/Tami McGee boat with Kim and Mark Sechler and Bill Ritter aboard for their day visit.  Also joining the fun was Phil Culbertson arriving on his runabout for a day visit. 

Saturday afternoon found members lounging on the patio, boats and clubhouse with the Mexican train game going full speed ahead.  Your hard-working board members held a productive meeting in the clubhouse before the evening events began. 

Saturday night featured BBQ-your-own-meat  and pot luck dinner.  We had to make some last minute changes to the entertainment so a little innovation was required.  As it got dark, someone turned out the lights and introduced into the dining room two inflated beach balls.  These were not run of the mill beach balls -- these had lights inside. It was amazing how aggressive some of our folks can be at times like this. Nothing got broken and only a few drinks were spilled. Most folks saw the fun in it all.  A poker game broke out and the Mexican Train game ramped up to its completion with the big winners in a 3-way tie -- Rosalie DiBartolo, Betty Griffith and Jody Lyman.  Once again, most bunks were full before midnight, taken in by the mother of all beach ball games.  It is significant to note that Past Commodore, Michelle Young, was one of the last members to leave the clubhouse that night.  Next thing you know it will be Caro Green and Jo Anne  Lyman staying up late! 

Sunday broke as nice as any summer day. The early birds left when early birds do -  about 9. Others stayed on with almost all boats off the docks by 1PM.  It was a great cruise and a great way to get CIYC's spring/summer boating season off to a good start.  We hope to see you at the next cruise out to Willow Berm on April 17-19 and then to Rusty Porthole on May 1-3.  Don't forget, the Rusty Porthole cruise out will have a General Membership meeting.  You won't want to miss hearing all  about your club, its finances and the cruising plans for the rest of the year.  

Check out photos of the Delta Yacht Club cruise out at on the photo tab at the top of the home page.  Thanks to Jack DiBartolo, Diane Shoff, Jo Anne  Lyman and the Maguires for the potos..