Tuesday, September 1, 2015


For anyone watching the weather reports, it took some real water dogs to brave the heat over the August 14-16 weekend and get out on the water.  Temps were forecast to be in the high 90's and Sunday at Bethel Island saw a documented 104 degrees.  But CIYC offered two inter-related events that were all about being either on the water, or in the water or both, and we had a fine turn out for these two events.

The first group to anchor out at Mildred Island on Friday, August 14th, included the Page, Christopher, Maguire, Eck, Calderoni and Saffari boats.  After a bit of anchor replacements and getting these boats securely tied into the raft, the party commenced.  Lots of boat visiting, floating in water and cocktails were the priority activities for the initial group of Caliente cruisers.  It is unlikely that anyone got dehydrated.

The following morning saw the "Go-Fast" boats arriving at Mildred Island on schedule and set off on the cruise at 1000 hours.  Ted and Jo Anne Lyman had their "Green Hornet" loaded with past CIYC members, Marvin and Patti Cecchini, as well as Lifetime Member, Judy Scrimger.  Fleet Captain, Bill Ritter, roped his Pleasanton neighbor into the fun for a second year and packed a large ski boat with eager mystery cruisers and poker players.  Bill Eck had his friend, Wanda, with him in his very fast (70 mph) ski boat along with Christine Christopher.  To round out the group, Michael and Sally Sue inaugurated their new-to-them runabout by loading it with Commodore Maguire and others picked up along the way.

This happy crew of 15-20 people took off for the first stop at Orwood Resort and the obligatory Bloody Mary's.  Being that it was forecast to be a very warm weekend, Orwood had ski boats everywhere -- launching, hanging on the docks and many just enjoying "see me" cruising around aimlessly, most with their music turned up loud.  This scene -- ski boats, "look at me" cruising and loud music seemed to fill the south Delta.  The water ski/boarding/scurfing, etc. scene was everywhere.  Our next stop was Union Point where Bloody Mary's turned to a beer or two for many (not the Captains).  Then it was off to the high point of the cruise, which was a catered lunch.  This was at Tiki Lagoon where the owners basically closed the restaurant down to accommodate our cruisers.  We had several lunch options, three fine shaded tables on the levee lawn where we could watch the unfolding scene on the water.  Michael Christopher provided an overview of the history of this event, noting that Judy's husband, Glen, launched the first Go-Fast cruise but passed away before his year as Commodore could really get started.  He noted that Judy stepped into the role of Commodore and carried off a very successful year.

By noon on Saturday, the second group of Caliente cruisers began arriving at Mildred Island with the Billens, Easly/McGees, and Sechlers completing the Mildred Island raft making a total of 9 boats with a quick visit from the Culbertsons.  Again, getting in the water was the main priority and therefore the majority of the group floated until the "Go-Fast" boats began arriving back about mid afternoon.  Due to where we were anchored, there was lots of "rocking and rolling" so the "Go-Fast" boats were not able to stick around and visit with the raft folks as the rafters had hoped.

Saturday night was beautiful and those at the anchor out had a great time visiting.  Hating to see the weekend end, everyone got back into the water on Sunday to float as long as possible.  The raft started breaking up around 2 o'clock and everyone was on their way home by 3.  A great time was had by all.

Thanks to Commodore Maguire for putting this event together and especially to Michael and Sally Sue for making all of the arrangements for the "Go-Fast" Cruise.  You can see photos of both of these events at www.ciyc.org on the Photo tab.  Next up:  Curt and Marsha Hayes' always-winning event at Commodore Island over the long Labor Day weekend.