Tuesday, March 22, 2016

“Lose It or Lose It” Cruise Tests Caliente Cruisers

The forecast was for mostly steady rain but the cruise was billed as “rain or shine” so it was a “go.” It didn’t shine. Instead, we had three days of everything from broken clouds to heavy rain and occasional wind probably in the 15-18 mph range, maybe gusting up to 25 at times.  Except for the higher winds, it was pretty much what everybody expected so there were few, if any, complaints.  
Half of the fleet arrived at Moore’s Riverboat on Friday with skippers having to deal with reasonably heavy rain and a pretty stiff wind. Included were Happy Clown, Adventure, Dream Catcher, Knot Too Fancy and Delta Moon. The other half, all from the Discovery Bay area, arrived on Saturday to showers and wind at 15 mph across the end of the docks.  Here we saw Tranquil Beauty, Hurricane II, Aria and a new couple’s boat with Kristy and Dwayne on board.  These two were terrific folks who really enjoyed themselves, as did all the CIYCers on the docks by Saturday noon. Several couples drove in to join the fun.  In all, 9 boats and 26 people participated. Only three boats decided to not join in after first rsvp’ing. The name of the owner of one of the boats, a recent Past Commodore, need not be mentioned.  To be fair, Chip and Jackie, quite reasonably, thought it unwise to take their new boat out for its shakedown cruise on what was sure to be a challenging weekend.  See www.ciyc.org photo album to enjoy our weekend fun vicariously.  
We had an outdoor area for ourselves when the hords came out on Saturday afternoon.  It was warm enough to be out on a nicely sheltered deck just off the restaurant and we ate, drank our fill and caught up with stories of past cruise outs and CIYC parties. As usual we also caught up on recent family changes (Joel Panzer’s son, Adam, and wife Alexis are about to present Pappy with a second grandchild and Rob and Kim Scott have a new dog.)  All this was going on while we watched all kinds of tournament bass boats screaming back and forth doing what that bunch does for fun -- on this day freezing their baits off and clearly not catching fish in that weather All the fun in that area on that day was being had by Caliente’s Cruisers. 
We did share some stories about what failed on this Use It or Lose It Cruise. I reported one windshield wiper going south as we were headed east on Friday morning. The best story of failure due to lack of use, however, was told by David Oates (yes both he and Helen travelled all the way from their new home at Oak Harbor, WA for this cruise.)  David told me that his failure was centered between his ears.  Apparently, he couldn’t remember exactly the various gauges, controls, switches, and the like at the flybridge helm.  It was a good refresher for this captain who hadn’t been at the wheel since last September. 
On Friday night, two of the five drive-in couples ( DiBartolo’s and Griffith’s), had to climb over a wobbly rail to get from the docks to the restaurant after an unusually high tide flooded the only walkway. On Saturday night Rosalie managed to lose a very nice diamond ring off very wet fingers, only to find it in the morning lying on the dock (which had plenty of holes in it) just outside Adventure, where they spent the night. Lucky girl!  On Saturday night, Membership Director Bernie Billen surprised the group at dinner when she showed off a perfect sample of her proposed 50th Anniversary Caliente Isle Yacht Club burgee. She will present the idea of this burgee to the Board soon and I expect you will be able to order this very cool-looking burgee, sure to be a collector item, shortly. 
CIYC has now boldly launched into 2016 with a fine Commodore’s Ball in January and joined Discovery Bay for a Valentine’s Dance in February. With this Use It or Lose It cruise and our upcoming event--keep your eye out for cruise details regarding our next cruise out to Delta Yacht Club on April 1-3—we will have had four events essentially before spring sprongs  It has been a fast and full start to what will prove to be an excellent cruising year. Hope to see all of you on the water! 
  Ted Lyman