Sunday, June 26, 2016


Caliente Isle Yacht Club cruised over to the Stockton Yacht Club for the hot Memorial Day Weekend. A total of nine boats and some 22 people enjoyed the festivities and the wonderful food of our gracious hosts. The food was excellent and worthy of a premier delta yacht club. Most of us were snugged up to the dock by 2pm on Friday, which made it an easy cruise out to manage. The power is never an issue at SYC and our air conditioners kept our boats cool for the duration of the warm weekend.
Saturday morning was reserved for our horseshoe tournament. It was a pleasant morning, not too hot, to have our contest with a light breeze thrown in to cool down the contestants. It went relatively fast and was completed with Mike Daniels and Jack DiBartolo being crowned as the 2016 Champions. Ted Lyman and I came in second. SYC set up plenty of tables and umbrellas in a nicely cooled area which caught the afternoon breeze. Several people played Mexican Train to while away the time between the pot luck lunch and the big party Saturday night. Almost everyone took part in the game which was introduced at Rusty Porthole, Left, Right, Center. Betty Griffith came out the big winner and took home the pot of lotto tickets. SYC had a great dinner and a fantastic band performed for all our enjoyment. I was pleasantly surprised at the volume of the band. It was loud enough to be appreciated, yet low enough for conversation. Many of our members enjoyed dancing until late in the evening. SYC had the TV tuned to the ‘big game’, game 6 of the Warriors quest for victory, and thanks to Vern Green, who went and changed to his “warriors t-shirt”, the Warriors went on to win in spectacular come back fashion.
Sunday morning came around earlier than some of us wanted, but we all enjoyed the wonderful breakfast served by Stockton YC’s own Giuseppe. Kind of a gruff old guy but a great cook! After breakfast, most everyone participated in a Bocce Ball tournament. It was warmer on Sunday, but the courts were shaded and we ended up using both courts to speed things up. Six teams fought it out in a double elimination format which carried over after the pot luck lunch. George and Carolyn Overturf took the winners bracket, and once again, Mike Daniels and Jack DiBartolo were right in the thick of things winning the losers bracket.  It was mutually decided to call it a day as some people wanted to go swim and others to play more dominoes. So I am officially calling the Bocce Ball tournament a tie. Several people ended up putting on their swim suits and blowing up their floating toys to enjoy the cool waters of our delta. One boat took a number of people out to the main channel to swim around to cool off on Sunday afternoon. Some felt it a little too ‘cool’. Once again Stockton YC had a good dinner for us to enjoy and, of course, the bar was open for our patronage.
Monday morning SYC served us all a final farewell meal and most of us got our boats ready to return to our home ports in an effort to beat the heat. Stockton Yacht Club’s Tiki Luau Memorial Weekend was a great success and well worth attending.  I must say I have never seen so many colorful shirts, blouses, dresses, and shorts as I saw this past weekend. Thanks goes out to Kim and Rob Scott for initially organizing the weekend and a very special thank you to Bernie Billen for stepping in to keep the weekend flowing with games and setting up for our pot luck events. Next up, is a party at Judy Scrimger’s house on June 12th. It should be a great time.
Diane Shoff
2016 CIYC Fleet Captain