Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Commodore's Chat - April 2018

Commodore's Chat
April 2018
It's April!  Finally, and Spring has Sprung. It's also time for my April Chat.  So here goes, brief and to the point:
What's Old?
Well, the cruise out to Grindstone Joe's is finally behind us, after being postponed on reports from that place's caretaker that wind, rain and generally stormy weather was making for a less than hospitable place for our cruisers on the scheduled dates. So, Cruise Director Gary Page got to work and pulled off a flawless postponement for one week.  Right into Easter(!) but there were few complaining.  However, the shift knocked the Christopher's, me, of course included, out due to conflicts.  Nevertheless, we saw six boats and 14 CIYCers show up for the entire 3-day Easter weekend cruise out and two more boats with another 4 CIYC’ers cruised in for Saturday time. For the sake of simplicity, I'll only name the final couple who made up the full 18-person roster for the weekend, David and Helen Oates.  Why them you ask?  Because their commitment to this event was extraordinary. First, they were scheduled to come on the Lyman's Happy Clown and were half way to the Bay Area from their new home in Oak Harbor, Washington, when the weather warning came up. Then, they completely changed plans, visited family and friends (in Fresno) and managed to drive into Grindstone Joe's a week later while on the return trip home to Puget Sound, winning the Longest Distance Travelled award for sure.
I hear that new Entertainment Director Janice Page scored a winner with her leisurely Sip and Draw Saturday afternoon activity, making artists of a sort of some of our members.  It is only right that the winner based, on impartial judging, was Joel Curtis-Brown (a real deal artist for sure.)  Runners up included Collette Curtis-Brown, Jackie Maguire and Gary Page.

What's New?
Plans have been laid for two additional cruise outs this year, to the Discovery Bay area.  Watch this space for details.  Second, we have been asked for a membership application by Rich Parks, a long-time member who now cruises his and his friend Josie's 46' Sea Ray and is looking to join in our fun.  We look forward to seeing them active in our cruise outs. Finally, some progress was made in setting up our new Pay Pal system, but not without a big hassle. More information to come at our spring General Meeting. I am happy to see that many of our members have been active on the CIYC Facebook Page. Jack DiBartolo did a whole post on “Name that Boat”. It featured old boats of current CIYC members, Including; ‘About-Time’, ‘Amica’, ‘Delta Moon’, ‘Nymph’, ‘Riptide’ and ‘Cuvee’. I believe Betty Griffith won that round for most boats guessed correctly! Gary Page has even posted pictures of Sam Martini Wine. Does anyone else remember those days?

What's Next?
The Windmill Cove cruise out is just around the corner.  You have all received a flyer by email and you will hear from Cruise Director Ted Lyman about other details like berthing and RV parking shortly.  Don't forget, we will have our Spring General Meeting on Saturday April 14th.  Come hear reports from your officers on all the plans for the rest of 2018.  You will also soon hear from Ted about the cruise out that follows Windmill Cove, to Delta Yacht Club--another special place making it three cool cruises in five weeks.  That will be April 27-29 so it will be reported on in my next Chat.  I hope to see you all in April and to Chat with you in early May.

Christine Christopher

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